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In Topic: Alex Simmons and Rugby A M

30 July 2015 - 09:40 AM

Just watched my first ever episode. Fair to say I won't be ever watching it again. JAAAAAYMIE JONES. Who funds this dross? 


29 July 2015 - 10:52 AM

If that were the case, how come the previous tests in France haven't commanded loads?



Which goes against the ffrxiii president saying they cancelled it cos of the impact it had on the french team when catalan pulled its players out..

Seriously some of you need to stop believing what journos make up...

Catalan pulled its players out cos it impacted their season as a result france put out a very weakend side which got spanked...hence why they ended it..

Thats not to say england wheren't looking for stiffer opposition,the french just made it easy for the rfl by pulling out.

Yeah, but how many French players are now playing outside the Dragons in SL or CH? And maybe a few more in the next few years, not taking into account French players who are playing in Elite 1 because they have good jobs and those that haven't had a chance at Catalan or another SL club. Look at how well John Boudebza has gone from an absolute nobody to key hooker for HKR. There'll be 40/50 pro French players in next 2-3 years.

In Topic: Toulouse: SuperLeague in 3 years

29 July 2015 - 08:37 AM

Why move to the Ernest-Wallon for the sake of 1,000?

Or are you talking about between now and then?


Yeah, if they pulled a Wigan, Leeds, Saints in the Cup next year or the year after whilst they're still doing the construction could take it there so they get a big(ger)  crowd.


29 July 2015 - 08:31 AM

France vs England would be a big money spinner? To who? How?

The French Federation. French sport works completely differently to British sport. Councils play a big part in a lot of it (bidding for TDF stages for example, EURO2016, RWC2007, RLWC2013 venues), and by putting it out to tender the FFRXIII should/could be looking at taking home upwards of £500,000 (including TV cash)


29 July 2015 - 08:26 AM

Ok. so I sent and email to the RFL in regards to  ''My Idea' about a test series between England and France. Finally after about 2 weeks I got a reply back. So I would like to share you my idea and response with the forum. (Keeping in mind I know I some people will dissect my idea and be critical about it. But never the less I want to put it up there for people to discuss)

Hopefully it has good merits or other people can add to it?


So here goes...........................


My email


I was a born and bread Rugby League supporter from day one (over 30 years now)
But as I have noticed more, rugby league in the UK is lacking something like a  annual test match that could rival the likes of State of Origin or the ANZAC test played between Australia and New Zealand.
My idea is (with the ever increasing French players applying there skills in Super League and to a lesser extent NRL) I think its time to host annual 2 match Test series with England and France
Both games could be played in France giving 2 weeks off from Super League to help accommodate players especially from Catalan Dragons.
If promoted right you could convince English fans for a mini 2 match tour of France (most fans do it anyway when traveling to watch their respected club play Catalans)
I think it could be easily possible to have about 3-4,000 traveling English fans from Super League, Champion and Championship 1 clubs. If you promote the test series early with 8 months in advance people would be able to plan there holiday in accordingly to the series.
This could also open up new possibilities to new sponsors and the sale of merchandise. 
And in time it could be build as an annual test series that could rival State of Origin (Remember when State of Origin first started it was deemed to fail.... now it is a massive money spinner for the NRL)
Remember even if  England do beat France handsomely the fans would just enjoy the tour/holiday and the fantastic weather on offer, and when finally France do win a game or series it would officially be a proper contest.
For this too really take off I believe that the opening test match should always be played on Bastille Day (no other sports utilise this public holiday in France)  if promote right (even with the help of the NRL) you could grab many French fans to the event just to watch France play on such a historical day against an old rival such as England.
I believe that  both games should be played in 20,000 plus stadiums one being in rugby league Heartland in France the other being in a non rugby league Heartland such as Paris or Marseille.
Lately on many rugby league forums there has been a call for this test series so the support for this is already there.
Proposed test Series,
France V England in Paris,  Stade Jean-Bouin Stadium 20,000 (Bastille Day)
France V England in Toulouse, Stade Ernest-Wallon  19,5000 
Thank you for your time
 Hope to here from you shortly



Response from RFL


Thanks for your e mail which has been passed to me.


We are reviewing our international programme and regular fixtures against France will be an integral part of this.


The challenge is around games in mid-season given the packed programme that Super League has and which significantly affects both international teams. There are also player welfare considerations that are required.


I do not disagree that there is an appetite for quality competition and that France have a lot to offer the international game.


Best wishes






Not really the answer I was looking for?


Hi HPOF, thanks for sharing that with us. I doubt you'll hear much from the RFL, they keep tight lipped on things like this most French forum users know when stuff is happening anyway before the RFL announce anything. Having said that I imagine they read your email and thought, France? What's this. To paraphrase Ali G "the world is bigger than Staines (m62)". It also annoys me how they won't move SL games because of fear of upsetting the status quo, RL administrators seem blinded by the fact that you can't sell Wigan v Saints as well as you can France v England. Could we scrap two games from the current calendar to make room?