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  1. Thebull13 a lot of the players no doubt joined Oldham due to Scott Naylor, the truth is though this season his coaching limitations have been exposed, if you constantly blame the players in the local press they are soon going to lose respect for you. I don't think that Naylor has once said he needs to look at his selections and tactics he seems obsessed in playing players out of position and in fairness everybody can see the defence is awful but hey the attack isn't great either, Scott thank you for your efforts but now time for a change as relegation would be disastrous.
  2. Would be very surprised if OMBC are wrong over the amount of debt, this is a recurring theme with CH, left BP owing Latics, left manor park owing rent same at Hurst cross, about time the RFL got involved as there is no way CH can be classed as a person fit and proper to run a professional sports club.
  3. The only viable option is boundary park to take the team out of Oldham now would be a massive backwards step time for CH to show some ambition and stop taking the cheap option, LSV would be a final straw for many fans I believe, Ashton ok not a million miles away but at the end of the day we are Oldham Rugby and should be playing in Oldham
  4. Logic, the very fact that the attendances have dropped to the current level suggest an awful lot of people don't want to attend matches at Whitebank, in view of the meeting the people who organised and attended need applauding but reading between the lines of CH statement nothing is really changing just results in another plea for more people to attend
  5. The very fact that Ralph Rimmer is COO explains why the sport is poorly run, had several dealings with him when he was at Giants and he goes back on his word an awful lot of times
  6. Please could you forward me the letter also and thank you for taking the time to do this, hopefully CH will be a man of his word and agree to the meeting and hopefully it will lead to a better future for the club
  7. TAOHAF sorry if I misread your post, the question I should have asked is what calibre of coach is Scott Naylor, he was an academy coach who wanted a head coach job, trust me there are others about who would jump at the chance, i personally don't think Scott Naylor is that great a coach and would struggle to get jobs at a higher level than what he his coaching at currently
  8. Logic when you state this is the best coaching set up the new club have had I presume you forgot Mike Ford, THOHAF what makes you think Scott Naylor is a great coach ? If he was as good as you believe he wouldn't be at Oldham. All supporters know lack of money is the main problem, so how can CH afford to lose two major sponsors due to his attitude towards them ? Then fail to contact a potential new sponsor Clifford, Manchester Rangers are proof of what can be achieved with volunteers and hard work and I find it embarrassing that they had more at their game on Friday night than ORLFC had for the last home fixture. Like I have said in previous posts the majority of the debt can only be in directors loans, I would suggest it is deferred wages otherwise the club would already have been wound up, simple terms CH remaining means no progression.
  9. and there your arguement loses any credibility, does anybody bother to look at stats Bridge probably makes more breaks per game than any other centre in SL.