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  1. Sheffield

    See it's been announced they will be playing at Wakefield Belle Vue, but it has been mentioned there is a clash on selected dates, and the Rams is one of those.
  2. Signings

    It says on social media we have signed for a fourth time on loan Lucas Walshaw and also Bobbie Goulding Jnr after he has returned from Australia.
  3. Stadium developments

    Another item on the wish list would be to have some pathways from the main car so you can access the south stand turnstiles or get to the main stand, most people just walk across the grass, but if it's been raining then it's a long way round, if you don't want muddy shoes.
  4. Sunday's bucket collection

    Hi, As a member of HWD Hospital radio, please can I thank everybody that contributed to the bucket collection at the Bulls game. Thanks, Rob.