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  1. What Takeover?

    No, this has gone on long enough and i arn't interested which way it goes now.
  2. What Takeover?

    Really not bothered what happens now, either the club closes or i come along to the first game next season,but i certainly won't miss it if it was to fold. Most of our good players are going so that half decent squad of last year has collapsed and it will probably be a struggle anyway. The whole thing is a group of people that just can't agree on anything and are prepared to remain stubborn to their views even to the point of destroying the Knights. So i will keep my eye on the press but beyond that i couldn't give a toss!
  3. Cup draw

    I like packed lunches,especially ham sandwiches.
  4. hemel away Sunday.

    29th June KO 1430 Championship 1 Rd15. Hemel Stags v York City Knights. Penine Way. Ref C.Campbell. Note 2.30 k.O.