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  1. stand closed at game!

    if it was under capacity how comes none of the stewards could find any space forall the fans that were stood in gangways stopping any exit if needed!!! if it holds like some say so many more how comes their were many wire fans approaching the stewards to get other stand open as well!!! in reply to an early coment about paying extra to sit down when i bought my ticket from the rovers ground in advance they had only been given seating tickets so we did not have any option!!! the gray haired lady and a young lady with brown hair was fantastic at their job and did their best to resolve the whole situation, however the bloke with orange jacket on and badge on his arm with black jacket was only their to make the whole situation worse. when i approached the steward to ask a sival question he called us a set of w*****s. not helpfull and neither was mr willams he was a total joke!!!!!!! wire fans were moved to the other stands when they asked but nothing done when we did. instead of all the stewards standing at the front of the away support why dont thy open the other end and have a guess what everyone would be able to see the game and enjoy it instead of watching the back of people and before you say anything i was there early but couldnot see much at the front as the stewrds was in the way and wouldnot move so good money wasted to watch them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. stand closed at game!

    after purchasing tickets fohe game you would have thought that they would open up all available stands especially when it is obvious that you can not fit everyone in!!!! stewards was not helpfull whatso ever especially the ones in the orange jackets thinking their ten men!!!!! who ever their safety steward is needs to be looked at as this was a total disgrace as people had payed very good money and was squashed in very little room!!!!
  3. Proud

    very proud of the boys!!!! score definatly flattered warrington loved the atmosphere!!