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  1. vile rodders

    London predictions

    Batley 12 London 32 it will need something of Lazarus proportions to turn last weeks game round.
  2. vile rodders

    Man of the match.

    Give it to all of them every last man dug really deep and never gave in.
  3. vile rodders

    New Centre signs

    That's what i said he was man of the match plenty of times. It's only that half wit Campbell who he can't get on with but he's not on his own there.
  4. vile rodders

    New Centre signs

    You always played a lot better when he was in the team fact
  5. Here's to the next 120 Kev. lol
  6. vile rodders

    Steven Jordan

    A top man loved by many,lets do it for him tomorrow R.I.P. Steve
  7. vile rodders

    doncaster game

    First half completely woeful but second half probably best half of season. We actually targeted Donnys weak side and at long last kicked for Squires for the first time in ages.We have a good attacking move there but never hardly use it, i just fail to understand the logic in that
  8. vile rodders

    doncaster game

    I couldn't agree more with your post a very close game which could go either way and bored to tears with our lack of attacking creativity.Another season like this and we will be lucky to have half our crowd left.Please don't let Kear near our new signings next year he could coach the ability out of Thurston.
  9. vile rodders

    Dews game

    The game panned out just like nearly every one has this year,huge mistakes which nearly always result in scores.A total lack of respect for possession and usual lack of creativity in halfs. It's just like a broken record same old same old. We never learn a thing from any game and are the worst team in the league at using our own slope, it's quite pathetic really and the fans really are starting to stay away just over a thousand for a derby is very poor indeed.But the way we've performed this season i don't blame them.
  10. vile rodders

    Biggest game of the season?

    Time to go Kear you have bored everybody rigid with your tactics and style of rugby, please do the decent thing and resign.You have managed to dwindle our already minute fan base by about 100/150 with your barge,barge,barge tactics,we were totally outplayed in every facet of yesterdays game,but we still continued as we have for most of the season with the one man dross.If you have no ideas how to change the way we play then step aside and let someone else have a go.How people can still defend him after the last 2 seasons defies belief.We will probably stay up this year despite our appalling efforts in must win games but things need to change for next season and i can't see that they will if Kear stays.
  11. vile rodders

    sunday's squad

    He talks a good game but that's where it ends i'm afraid.
  12. vile rodders

    sunday's squad

    Well he is in the loop with family connections and everything.He must be injured even Kears not that stupid.
  13. vile rodders

    Dewsbury Away

    We can't handle our own slope that's why we've only won 3 home games in league this season.
  14. vile rodders

    2016 Recruitment

    Toffee are you on a different planet Hey and Thackrey have hardly played what do you base your opinion on.I would hang on to Thackrey for his size but Hey looks woefully short at this level.
  15. vile rodders

    how are teams only bad against batley

    Always the same attitude by big time charlies little old Batley we should have got 50 perhaps if we stopped tackling these teams they would get their just deserts. Pack again was magnificent but our halves were totally outplayed, if we'd have had their halves it might have been us that got 50.