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  1. That so called Performance v Newcastle

    Not good enough,we look very lightweight down the flanks,agree about the young leeds lads,they will get battered every game,not having a go at them,its just men against boys,with one outcome,defeats.its gonna be a long hard season.
  2. The Future of Hunslet Hawks

    Self inflicted in my opinion,poor coaching last season,all we had to do was win two more games,and we would have stayed up,Donny away says it all really{pathetic} we could have consolidated our position in the championship,with a little ambition,instead we went down,our rfl money went down,,,people are not happy paying 15 quid to watch poor teams. I have followed the huns for 40+ years,but have dropped off this season,somebody needs to grab the whole thing by the scruff of the neck,give it a good slap,and say ,right lets sort this club out, to get off its backside,and back on its feet,who that will be ,I don't know,but we need them sharpish.
  3. Sundays Team

    If its true and he isn't playing,a sound tonking ,will be administered,by 2toilets [Toulouse],the way we are playing,its gonna happen.
  4. Whats the problem

    What is wrong with this site,having trouble logging on,have put messages on ,but they never appear,is this why nobody comes on here anymore,i cant believe there have been no comments on our,played 3 lost 3,start to the season,,,can the site administrator please look into this asap.
  5. Hunslet 48, Doncaster 6

    Where has everybody gone on this forum,i was having problems getting on here for a while ,is there something wrong with the site,it should,nt be,like this at this time of year,the silence is deafening.
  6. shambles

    Well what can you say about that,shambolic performance,2 games no points,not looking good is it .
  7. Barry eaton exit

    Well the timing of barrry,s exit is very confusing,to say the least,why now ,I don't get it.sounds as though we are not advertising for a replacement coach,,,good luck to matt bramald,who is well respected at the club,he has a big job on,with the start of the season almost upon us.
  8. Lazenby Cup

    Thought we played really well last night,can only get better in my opinion,stick with the lads we have already,dont need any dr from whoever,lets have our lads fighting for their shirts,not some dr waltzing into the team to get fit,at the expense of one of our lads.

    A lesson on how to rub your loyal fans nose in it,in one easy move,mind boggleing stuff.?
  10. The New Shirt

    I liked the shirt with the hawks head,like you said something different,still don't like the new shirt,it may grow on me,when we see them on a hunslet player,and we are top of the league[slight tongue in cheek there,sorry].
  11. The New Shirt

    Who voted for this manky shirt,not me for certain.
  12. Tap2 Innovate Ltd

    Yes I got one today,thought it looked a bit suspect,never heard of them ,so I deleted it.
  13. signings

    So what does everybody think of the signings we have made,i think we will need a much stronger side,to go straight back up,plus we seem to have signed some players who injury prone,i hope we get a full season from them,but some always seem to be on the treatment table at some stage,i am happy that Flanagan has stayed,also jack lee,,,,so lets see how we go,hit the ground running you never know.
  14. presentation night

    Jeff ,what don't you understand mate,a lot of fans aint happy,you know that,for lots of reasons,the coach ,dr,,team selection,i could go on pal.
  15. presentation night

    Wont be many left after this seasons shambles,,,,I want to know what the club have to say,ie Donny away and beyond,do we have a plan for next season,for sure we will need a stronger side ,that got promoted before,just seems to me the silence is deafening,the club needs to get a lot of people onside,ie the many unhappy fans.