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  1. George Tyson....

    Are you mad?????
  2. We (oldham) have got a ridiculous amount of injuries but are usually a match for anyone at home, we haven't even played Rochdale at home in the league yet and the batley game was at another venue due to pitch repairs being carried out. Still make you hot favourites for this one. Think our heaviest home defeat was against Halifax and that could have gone either way with 20 minutes to go.
  3. Halves problem

    We play a tight structured game, which our halves are very good at executing. We play like this for a good reason, a lot of the teams in this division have better players than us, I'm not knocking our lads, in fact the opposite. We could not go gung-ho with many teams in this league and expect to win. We deliberately keep the games tight and aim to have the greater desire and fitness in the final quarter. Of course I would like to see us take the line on more and throw the ball about more but until we dominate someone for a sustained period we won't.
  4. game on

    Tub, a ref WILL NOT call a game of on a weather forecast.
  5. game on

    So Tub, you think Oldham should have called the game off when the pitch was ok but it was probably going to rain and then probably going to make the pitch unplayable. The club can't do right for doing wrong, the ref would not call the game off 3 hours before a game if the pitch wa playable. This has happened many times before and will happen many times again, great British weather, nothing you Can do about it.
  6. A Song for Roughyeds

    Already done it.
  7. A Song for Roughyeds

    What about Gold by spandau ballet, change the gold for Oldham (admitidly you have to say it fast) a lot of the other lyrics are damn good as well.
  8. Statement From The Club

    HahaEveryone moans that the club don't tell the fans anything, now they tell us something and they should not have said anything till they had more info. You couldn't make it up.
  9. Statement From The Club

    This is good news, progress is being made, that's what we all wanted, talking to the fans, that's what we all wanted. If a ground isn't ready in Oldham we all love bower fold, we are trying to sort that for another season, again that's what we all wanted. I don't buy this vandalism talk, if they are to start proper developments they will install the modern style fencing that is commonly used on new schools, clubs and stadiums around the country. Some of these are in the roughest parts of the country and don't have problems.
  10. Team for Bradford

    Think the week before we conceded around 70 at featherstone, could have the years mixed up but remember 2 absolute tonkings against Widnes and featherstone, the featherstone one was in an almighty storm and everyone ran for cover under their then new stand
  11. The oldham v crusaders game was an Oldham home game, there was probably about 100 cru fans there that night.
  12. Crowley whisper

    Not certain on this but think he through the teddy out when he went to Workington as 18th man, although he may have already given his intentions and that's why he was left out. Don't think any of us are certain what happened but if I remember rightly when we first signed him it was after he fell out with the game elsewhere. All that said he is an absolute cracking player and very sorry to see him leave.
  13. Summer bash

    I think every oldham fan at the game knows we where poor in the second half, but without the glaring mistakes by the officials we would have sneaked the win.
  14. Jamal Chisholm

    People saying bad language is to be expected is fair enough to a point but it is getting much worse to the point that it's getting embarrassing. At the Dewsbury game in the second half I was stood behind the sticks with the rest of the oldham lot, there was an argument between 2 grown men that resulted in the two of them screaming at each other at full belt using every swear word you could think of. A lot of the regulars on hear where stood nearby so will know what I'm on about, them that where there do you think it was just a bit roudey or like me do you think it was ridiculous
  15. A Letter from the heart.....stirring the memory banks!

    I remember the Widnes game well, my older brothers best mate had just passed his test and got his first car. They wouldn't let me travel with them so I had to go on one of the supporters coaches with my mates, on the coach we had bricks and other things thrown at us but no windows went through, after arriving home my brother and his mate were there trying to fit a polythene sheet to his back window after it had had been smashed by the Widnes locals. Wasn't funny at the time but makes me have a little chuckle nowadays