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  1. Frederick William Barlow

    Hi guys I hope I don't offend anyone by resurrecting this old thread. Shortly after I posted this my gran took a bit of a turn for the worse and this thread completely slipped my mind. Happily she came through that and is back to her old self now. With this weekend's game coming up, I was telling someone at work about my potential connections to the Hunslet club and so I looked this thread up to remind myself of the names my gran had given me. A huge smile crossed my face as I found all of your replies. I just wanted to thank you all for getting back to me and to apologise for not replying at the time. I'm going to use the info you've given me to do a little investigation and see if I can piece some stories together for her. Thanks again
  2. Frederick William Barlow

    This is a bit of an odd one. I've been to visit my gran this evening and she started telling me a tale about how her grandad (her dad's dad) had "started Hunslet rugby. " I have to be honest, she's knocking on and some of her tales are a little tall and so I wondered if anyone recognised the name in relation to your club. She went on to say that her dad (George William Barlow) was was a physio (although he wasn't qualified) and told me how Ginger Burnell would bring his wheelchair bound brother to the edge of the dug out before each game to get a good view. I was hoping that someone on here would recognise some of these names and be able to fill in some gaps or give me similar stories that she might remember and enjoy. Thanks in advance