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  1. Just saw my first Butterfly of the year, Spring must be on its way :-)

  2. Seems a nice day today, hope tomorrow evening in Wigan is nice :-)

  3. People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

  4. Having a bit of a tired week so far this week, last two days at work I've just run out of steam mid afternoon and had a little lie down when I've got home !!

  5. Really, really struggled with "Monkey Mind" during meditation practice tonight, it was almost a complete loss! !

  6. "Cool Runnings", cool film :-)

  7. I just had a lovely big chunk of "Egg and Bacon Pie" made by my eldest Jonathan, smashing :-)

  8. Ah Saturday morning in work, the sheer unadulterated joy of it all :-)

  9. Friday night Super League back on TV yay :-)

  10. Had a day of meditation, reading, just sitting, contemplation and sleep, now I'm off to bed to read some more till I'm ready to sleep :-)

  11. Having a day off work tomorrow, a bit of a "Kev day" as its know in the office :-)

  12. I never fail to wonder at the lack of sensetivity that folk can show to one another.

  13. Dr Who, "Vincent and the Doctor", the episode with Vincent Van Gogh in it, gets me every time, a very poignant ending.

  14. Another tough day watching rugby league coming up :-)

  15. Time for a weekend full of Rugby League, its Millenium Magic weekend and the first round of Super League at last, C'MON YOU WARRIORS !!