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  1. lionsfanusa

    Lions v Batley at Station Road 1936

    Leeds v Hull? Live here in the USA on Fox! But it's at 2.30 in the afternoon and I've got a tee time for a quick 9 holes coming up......
  2. lionsfanusa

    Lions v Batley at Station Road 1936

    We can argue about players for ever, my generation, your generation. It's a no win whichever side you are on. In every sport. Same with RL itself. The rules changed, and so the players changed, the tactics changed. The game changed. Could today's players succeed in yesterday's game? We will never know. The old game is dead. Comparisons between rugby eras are like apples and oranges. Two different sports versus two different fruits. We move on. It is what it is. Everyone can decide for themselves which they like best. Meanwhile COYL!
  3. lionsfanusa

    Lions v Batley at Station Road 1936

    I've been trying to convince myself to stay out of this but.... First, I agree the thread was about 1936. Even Keith and I can't claim to have seen it first hand. Right, Keith? Second, a while ago Mark chimed in, as he more or less did above, about how many Aussie games I'd ever watched then shut up when I pointed him to Fox Sports NRL and Super League coverage we see weekly in the US. This is the great paradox that I see repeated. Today, we can watch whatever we want, NRL and Super League on Fox, Lions-Batley from 1936 on YouTube. Lions TV. For instance tonight it's St Helens v Catalans on Fox. So we can watch whatever we like best. If we don't want to watch it, so what? If Great Britain played Australia in a Test under pre Super League rules I'd be booking my flight as we speak. Is it good that there are no more GB v Aus tests under any set of rules? Oh yes, we'd get out asses kicked! But above all, I'm a Lions fan through and through. Scrums or no scrums, play the ball or scuff it back. Forward pass or not. We live in a 21st century environment and short of a sequel to "Back to the Future" that's what we live with. So we do live with it and put our time and money into supporting the Lions TODAY as Keith does. If you never experienced the Lions and RL in general in the 60s you can't really understand what we are talking about, so don't try. Probably your dad did, and that's why you are here today. Be gratefull! I'm left with the memory of my mother who passed away last year at 102 years old. She was a huge but tiny Lions fan who wriggled her way down to the concrete wall on the main stand side of Station Road, a 5 year old me in tow, so we could both see the action on the pitch. According to my Mum, more or less every time we had the ball "they" were off-side. And she let the referee know it. When I read the match reports on the Lions website, the more I realize the more things change, the more they remain the same, except it's not "offside" today, it's "forward pass"! And, we just re-signed my hero George Parkinson, who would run through Stu Willy's brick wall for the Lions whenever needed. As I said, the more things change, the more they remain the same! If we are going to have a meaningful argument about yesterday's RL v todays, let's start by discussing why in my era every club started out with the same level of financial support, yet this season Bradford got 810,000 pounds from the RL and the Lions got 150,000 pounds. As I said, the more things change, the worse they get!
  4. lionsfanusa

    Anybody out there

    It's -2F here. Even the bears have hibernated!
  5. lionsfanusa

    BBC coverage of Lions

    We even got a mention on the BBC's RL pages!
  6. lionsfanusa

    Mr Barker's report

    Wish I could have been there!
  7. lionsfanusa

    Mr Barker's report

    Thanks Keith.
  8. lionsfanusa

    Widnes Sunday

    Wow! Great win!
  9. lionsfanusa

    Widnes Sunday

    I'm logged in to Sky Sports tracking the score in real time from 3,500 miles away! Eat 'em Lions!
  10. lionsfanusa

    Albert Blan

    Saw him play many times. He was a great loose forward when the position meant something. And he was a great captain in a great team. But my best memory is watching the team bus tour Swinton and Pendlebury after the first of the Championships in the 60s, Albert with trophy in hand as the bus went down Hospital Road, then racing it on my bike to see the festivities at the Swinton Town Hall. I also seem to remember him missing an easy penalty which would have meant the Lions would have beaten the Aussie tourists 4-2. (I think!) We won't hold that against you, Albert, RIP.
  11. lionsfanusa

    YORK Game Sunday

    According to the BBC web site, Lions won 18-17 in O/T!!!!!!!!
  12. lionsfanusa

    York match preview M.E.N.

    Thanks Keith!
  13. lionsfanusa

    Rugby League Journal

    George Parkinson was my all-time favorite player. (Excuse the American spelling, Keith!) It's no coincidence that I picked #6 and #13 to sponsor as a fan!! One of my now slightly faded memories was the match against Wakefield Trinity when I seem to remember the Lions wrapping up their first or second Championship. George Parkinson played like a man possessed, and drove into the Wakefield tacklers time and time again. Bearing in mind another current post, is it a coincidence or karma that the Lions are on an undefeated run while their run to their previous Championship is in the news? I vote for karma!
  14. lionsfanusa

    Rugby League Journal

    My copy comes by dog sled and there's not much snow at this time of year so it will be slow to get here....
  15. lionsfanusa

    Mid Season Assessment

    Historically, or perhaps hysterically, I played in a 104-0 game once under the 1960's rules. Oh, we lost.....