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  1. Any highlights video please in hospital so i couldn't get to game
  2. Hate Friday night games.
  3. Wouldn't do evening games as I drive to games, rush around like an idiot to get there, then evening stuffed for a beer cos its too late when its over
  4. Sometimes with KP its like the irresistable force meets the immovable object sort of physics.
  5. I Worked with Kevin and Brian at Wakefield fire station in the late 70's and early 80's, great blokes the pair of them and not at all fazed when I told them they were two of my childhood heroes.
  6. Not a bad idea, but please leave the ugly woman and the vomiting tramp where they are though
  7. Ought to be the Town Anthem
  8. Better known as Rob "Man o the match" Spicer.
  9. Played with him & Steve at Batley Boys in the seventies great player RIP Dean.
  10. I'll turn up too, but still dont like Friday night games, too much rushing about pre kick off and too late for a night out after I've driven home. I can't stay at the ground for a pint cos I bring a car full and have to drop em off.
  11. Roads were quiet most of the Bulldogs fans left early.
  12. Me too.
  13. Good job the fella didn't look over his shoulder whilst slagging Fazz off, his dad was just behind him on the terracing.
  14. I'll buy one also