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  1. Well, as a RL fan in the North East I had a lot of fun at Magic today. I suspect many of the naysayers would fail to have fun (or, indeed, attend) wherever it is staged.
  2. Either there are some very young posters here or some very short memories! Much as I disliked a Murdoch enterprise buying the sport to impose a league system that suited its own agenda, the sport was dead on its feet by then. Only one team was winning anything, and everyone else went bust in a vain attempt to catch them. Living within its means? Really, it wasn't. The sport was stuck in 1st gear, run solely by the professional clubs for the professional clubs, with a totally separate (and often antagonistic) amateur set-up that wasn't much better. I remember phoning BARLA to ask for some advice regarding a club I was involved with in Basingstoke and actually being laughed at down the phone. Always sad to see clubs struggle, but that's sport for you - even some football clubs, with all the resources at their disposal, have had crises (Leeds, Portsmouth, etc). The biggest negative about Super League was stopping P&R. That killed investment opportunities in the other professional clubs and created real resentment. So long as there is viable system of P&R (well done so far, Leigh!) Super League can actually draw investors with ambition to clubs lower in the pyramid. So the pond is finally getting bigger, which means the existing fish start to look a bit smaller. Rather than sell themselves as being all about local bragging rights over the outfit down the road, heartland clubs need to get supporters and sponsors excited about the visit of teams from Newcastle, London, Toulouse or Toronto who aren't just there to make up the numbers any more.
  3. Done it, but agree with the above sentiments. If time permits, RugbyDIss, maybe regard this as a pilot, take on board these comments and amend your survey? I certainly agree that a qualitative element would really enhance this. Just a simple thematic analysis of text comments would add a lot. If you're not sure have a look at this, gives you a nice clear way of tackling thematic analysis: Braun, V. and Clarke, V. 2006. Using thematic analysis in psychology. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 3(2), pp.77-101.
  4. Well I get upset by mention of a Momentum Rule, as a physicist. Momentum is mass x velocity, which would imply that the mass of those involved was a factor. Which could make it impossible for a prop to throw a forward pass, or something. I'd prefer it to be called the Relative Velocity Rule.
  5. I think it's better for Magic to be in a city where it makes a real impact locally, and London is just too big for that. We have the Grand Final for the heartlands, Challenge Cup Final for the capital, Magic Weekend should be somewhere else
  6. No worries Oxford... Next year maybe! Managed to see the last few mins if the first half. Tremendous atmosphere and a BIG crowd
  7. The sun is out, the Quayside is buzzing and Salford v Widnes is slightly losing its appeal... We will get there for the 2nd half I'm sure
  8. Will probably start the day in the Free Trade Inn out by Ouseburn then work our way back into the city in time for kick off. Happy days!
  9. Good turn out at Kingston Park but not a great game so far. 16-4 to York at half time.
  10. At our hotel in Osborne Road. Seen a few Hull FC shirts
  11. Gotta love Beamish. Currently having a pint or three in the Station Housein Durham before heading up for the Thunder game
  12. Update on the Durham pub situation: there's a new one opened just a minute or so's walk from the railway station. It's called the Station House and is at the bottom of the road leading up to the station, so very handy for the train. Four real ales and four ciders/perries, all served straight from the cask. Also a few wines and spirits if that's your thing. Warned the owners to expect a busy weekend and they're well up for it.
  13. Get your skates on re accommodation, if my other half is right rooms are already selling like hot cakes. If you can't find anywhere in Newcastle, don't forget the very nice city of Durham, it's on the East Coast line and full of good pubs. A Thunder curtain-raiser on Friday night, as per this year, would be a great idea. Thunder offered a really good deal on a combined ticket deal for their game and the whole weekend, I'm hoping that is repeated in 2016.
  14. Special congrats to Boston's Head Coach, former Thunder winger Robin Peers. Just goes to show you that RL can really take you places!