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  1. Got people talking, well done Joe.
  2. A very good suggestion Joe, I think the community game needs look after the interest of all standards of players and not just the elite that the RFL are interested in.
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    Top of premier

    Watched a game yesterday and a young lady refereed, although there was no foul play to Deal with I thought she and her touch judges had an excellent game. Perhaps some of the young referees should take a leaf out of her book and become less arrogant and more approachable.
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    Dave Taylor

    I live in Wigan and I can assure you Cocaine use is rife and not just young people. I have a very large circle of friends of all ages and backgrounds, sometimes I am surprised who are the occasional users. It has never interested me but I am not blind to the problem.
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    Give me a break I am fed up not bloody suicidal !!!!!!!!
  6. Just a quick one for regular away supporters, is it me or is the price of a pint in NCL clubhouse becoming really expensive ? I have visited a few so far this season and prices seemed to have a risen dramatically. Not really a rugby issue but very boring on here recently
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    Reflecting peoples interest in our sport generally.
  8. My club had the pleasure of hosting Dewsbury moor yesterday. What a pleasure it was, a very young side who played excellent rugby. The biggest highlight was the after match craic, they were a credit to their club. Best I have had for many years. Looking forward to pre season friendly.
  9. That is one of the reasons, why my club voted against this. It WILL eventually end up with the pro clubs coaches dictating were a player goes on dual reg. It wont matter that a player could have played 6 or 7 years for 1 club and one season for the club from which he signed. The pro coach will dictate were he goes, if not in this proposal it will change to suit the pro clubs.
  10. Celtic,i am sure you will find that at least 50% of administrators at clubs are in agreement with you. It is only loyalty to friends that keeps me involved, the enjoyment levels are far out weighed by the politics and hard work that being in the NCL involves.
  11. Sorry Defender, a vote last night was expected by a lot of club reps but was not offered. The management said it would be an e mail vote so that the subject could be discussed at the meeting. It was not agreed, we were told that was what was going to happen.
  12. It seems that the NCL has agreed with the RFL that dual registrations will take place next season. When was this voted on by the member clubs ?
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    NCL Duel Reg

    Very good points taxi !