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  1. YML Dual Reg

    When this was first mentioned I believed it could work for NCL teams as the players going back to their previous amateur club would give them a good standard of rugby. I just don't see how this can work with players moving back and playing for the reserve team of their amateur club, the standard will be too low for them to gain anything and the team wont gain as you could end up going back to playing like an under 13 team where they give it to the best player and rest don't get as involved. Im also not sure if the professional clubs will send any players as there are no positives to this for them either. Like I said I supported it fro NCL but this just makes the RFL look stupid it should have never been offered to the YML
  2. Does anyone know how many clubs did not vote. If it a fair statement as all clubs were told no reply would be taken as a yes vote.
  3. Id like to think it is the younger end of the age group but can understand what your saying. I'm not sure how it will be received if a 28 year old is not getting a game at say Dewsbury and they offer him to his last amateur club on dual reg. In principle I think it is a good idea I just worry a little when say a club decide they want to send a player out on dual reg but want him playing in the NCL premier than the Ncl 3rd division, I can see this happening as they will want their players playing at the most competitive level they can and help then get back in the team.
  4. Its players from championship but I think they meant the younger players at these clubs
  5. I think it is these players that are been proposed to play for their old amateur club
  6. I can understand the concern that once it is agreed the pro clubs will move the goal posts but at the meeting im sure it was asked and the answer given was pro clubs would need ncl agreement to change the arrangement.
  7. What I don't understand if the 2/3rds rule is there then why doesn't this vote count. I think the management overall do a good job but this does not look good saying there will be a second vote.
  8. I agree its not perfect but a player cannot choose which club he goes to its his employer to decide if he goes to his last amateur club. There is no perfect way to decide which club he goes to but I suppose the community board decided this was the best.
  9. I agree vote at the AGM, it wont be hand thou it will be on slips like other votes. But why bother with this vote in the first place. Think about the reaction on here if the vote was 20 for and 26 against and the NCL said we will have another vote at the AGM I cant think many clubs will not have voted I thought there was a fine if the club did not vote. How many choose not to vote Rooster and a real shame if clubs cant be bothered to vote. If it needs a 2/3rds majority to be accepted then this vote overall says it should not carry.
  10. Results in 26 for 20 against looks like clubs who voted yes choose not to announce on here their vote. For some reason thou this vote will not count and the NCL have decided another vote will happen at the AGM. Im sure someone at the NCL can explain what the point of this first was for then.
  11. Because these lads have been given a chance of a pro contract doesn't change that they are still part of your club. I know some lads still train with there amateur club even when at a pro club will they be welcome at your club or once they left they are no longer welcome. I presume if the pro club release them you want them back then but wont help until then
  12. No club can be made to take players And I think a lot of clubs would think how will this affect the whole team if a coach picks 3 players who use to play for the club but are not professional. I think a lot may depend on things like you may have 2 or 3 lads who have signed pro but still come down watch the lads on a Saturday and are still a big part of the club, teams may not have a problem with these players but if I player has signed for a pro club and not been seen at his club since then the coach players etc may have a view sod that hes not bothered about us any more
  13. Hopefully your chairman will work with the NCL and not slag them off in the rugby papers because he doesn't get what he wants. Im sure that with working with the NCL in time they will recommend you.
  14. Any club should be allowed to vote without other clubs knowing how they voted that is a far way. Are you really saying that all clubs should send a copy to the reps because you believe the management may change to result to suit.(if you do whats to say the reps arnt in on as well). Ask your club rep is he has seen the replies if it bothers you and you think the management are corrupt which is what you are implying. The management have already stated they do not hold strong view for or against the dual reg vote.
  15. Will be the re election of the team who finished bottom