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  1. Thats just what MR BATES did at Leeds United But we were relegated and lost 15 points DIFFERENT SPORT I know but we were allowed to carry on.
  2. distantdog, Please see PM.
  3. add me please
  4. I pay money to BISSA because I believe in it. It has full control of how the money is used that's why I contribute. If it ever joined forces with other worthy projects I'm out. The I in BISSA stands for INDEPENDENT.
  5. Another great win today my £5 is already in the envelope. Is there any news on who as won the members prize draws. (If it's posted somewhere else, sorry I've missed it)
  6. Kevin, I'm all ears!
  7. jc

    Time to use, BISSA.
  8. Speak Kevin speak.
  9. IF it had been the scoreboard, why would that have given Batley fans something to cheer about for the Bradford game, when we were away?
  10. Bradford game been and gone. What was it Mr chairman.
  11. All BISSA members want there money to go towards new players or keeping players, nothing else. That's why they put their money in that pot. It won't work if it joins with other groups.
  12. Anybody at home.