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  1. Wow, we are really struggling and won 'all lol? Team P W D L F A Diff Pts Keighley Cougars 13 11 0 2 481 239 242 22 Oldham RLFC 14 11 0 3 517 280 237 22 North Wales Crusaders 13 9 1 3 446 197 249 19 York City Knights 13 9 0 4 484 230 254 18 BARROW RAIDERS 14 9 0 5 440 244 196 18
  2. Well said Soss, we have a three year plan lets stick to it and build on solid foundations!
  3. True story A quote from Steve Deakin (new Haven coach and Brett fan) to the Whitehaven players prior to the friendly against Barrow............... "Right lads this is going to be the easiest match this season, so go out and enjoy yourselves!" Hmm, by a country mile perhaps. Now where have I heard that before?????
  4. Also, don't forget there will be a fun quiz after the first match as well
  5. Saw this car sticker on a car in Dalton the other day and thought it was quite funny . Any suggestions for a Raiders one?
  6. Want to look hard as nails down the gym or on that Spanish beach on your next holiday and help the floodlight fund? A limited number of 2012 Season Players Shorts are now for sale. Home shorts in white Used, some pitch stains, the missus might be able to wash 'em out but Wally couldn't, no skid marks! Size large - £4.99 Away shorts in red Look brand new. David Hasselhoff eat yer heart out! Sizes large and extra large - £9.99 I will be selling these in the ground on Sunday. So come and get a little piece of Raiders history, when they're gone, they're gone! All money raised will go towards the floodlight fund.