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  1. Sempur


    I would think it would be the doors into the Raiders bar on Clive St?
  2. Sempur

    Barrow v Whitehaven

    I think they do TMF but they are not listened to. Carl Forster (coach of the year?) is a nice bloke but he's no Cresta who has built a team slowly and gently and that's why we are the position we are in. Team moral in the Raiders camp is amazing and they want to play for the guy. Attitude after all is everything. COYR!
  3. Sempur

    Press Write Up for the Final

    Thank you Sir, its gonna be the biggest crowd since we player Wigan methinks!
  4. Its gonna be on All eyes are on Super League this week. There are three games taking place, and the results of each of those games are massively important for different reasons. Arguably the most crucial game of the year is taking place at Leigh Sports Village, as Catalans Dragons travel to Leigh Centurions in the Million Pound Game. Due to Hull Kingston Rovers’ promotion back to Super League, one of the current members of the top flight will be plying their trade in the Championship next year. It’s relief for the winners and despair for the losers, it’s as simple as that. After the drama of last year’s contest, nerves are set to be shattered when Leigh and Catalans fight for survival. While everyone else is looking up this weekend, on Sunday a game of equal importance is taking place at Barrow Raiders’ Craven Park. The League 1 outfit welcome Whitehaven in a play-off final, with the implications similar to the MPG. The winners will be rewarded with an increase in prize money, bigger gates (meaning more income) and of course a place in the Championship for 2018, while the losers will be consigned to another year in the third tier. League 1 is getting tougher to get out of year on year for those looking to progress up the ladder into the second tier. Last year Toulouse Olympique competed as a full-time team in a division otherwise occupied by part-time outfits and claimed one of the promotion places despite losing the Grand Final to Rochdale Hornets, who were promoted as Champions. This year it happened again, with Toronto Wolfpack topping the division and advancing to the Championship next year with a squad littered with top flight experience. The final promotion spot will be decided in Barrow, and it could be one of the biggest games in both club’s recent history. The winners will gain all of the benefits previously stated, while the losers have another uphill battle on their hands. As of yet, there will be no full-time expansion project in the competition in 2018, however the relegation of Bradford Bulls means there will be a full-time club to compete with. Add to that Oldham, who also suffered the same fate as the Bulls, it makes the division just as tough. Whether it be the Raiders or ‘Haven who are on the wrong side of the scoreboard this weekend, they will again be one of the favourites to push for promotion again next year. With the aforementioned Bradford and Oldham as competition it won’t be as straight forward as that though. Then there’s the current clubs in the division who will undoubtedly strengthen for next season, as York City Knights will be looking to build on their impressive run to the semi-finals. Keighley Cougars will likewise be out to improve as they continue in their re-building process, while Newcastle Thunder seem to be going from strength to strength (Not last week sic.). Doncaster can’t be ruled out either, making it a difficult competition to climb out of. The travel is tough too, as there are a lot of long away trips which can take their toll on the players throughout the course of the campaign. In the last meeting of the two clubs, back in July, Barrow claimed a hard fought 15-2 away victory over Whitehaven, two weeks after they were heavily beaten 32-6 by the same side in the final game of the regular season. It all comes down to Sunday though, when one team will be jubilant in the triumph of gaining promotion, while the other side will be devastated by the despair of coming so close only to fall at the final hurdle. To the outsiders looking in, the importance of this contest may not come close to the Million Pound Game, but to those involved it is the by far the biggest game of the weekend. When you take into account what is at stake, it is hard to argue with just how crucial 80 minutes is for Barrow Raiders and Whitehaven.
  5. Sempur


    I was in the Brazen Head pub with the rest of the Raiders fans for the first game, about 20 of us. We were having a few beers and photos with the girlfriend of one of the players and she gave us ALL free match tickets. Nice touch I thought!
  6. Sempur

    Pop Concert

    Usually I can't get a #ucking word in when in Murph's company, he never shuts up!
  7. Sempur

    Pop Concert

    The outside bar was open as well as a bar on the pitch and the bottle bar over by the score board. The snack bar was open and the queue never let up from one o'clock until gone seven. How do I know? I manned the outside bar with Murph and four others and we were run off our feet all day. We were so busy that the bottles never had enough time to cool down in the fridges before being sold! The event itself was a great success with bouncy castles, slides, swings, face painting, magician, bucking bronco, trampolines and tons more stuff for the kids. I thought the 'celeb' singers were awful myself but the crowd seemed to like it. Hope this helps - Up the Raiders!
  8. Sempur

    RFL Vote of No Confidence
  9. Sempur

    Big Game tonight

    Wow, we are really struggling and won 'all lol? Team P W D L F A Diff Pts Keighley Cougars 13 11 0 2 481 239 242 22 Oldham RLFC 14 11 0 3 517 280 237 22 North Wales Crusaders 13 9 1 3 446 197 249 19 York City Knights 13 9 0 4 484 230 254 18 BARROW RAIDERS 14 9 0 5 440 244 196 18
  10. Sempur

    Big Game tonight

    Well said Soss, we have a three year plan lets stick to it and build on solid foundations!
  11. Sempur

    V Whitehaven 18/1/15

    True story A quote from Steve Deakin (new Haven coach and Brett fan) to the Whitehaven players prior to the friendly against Barrow............... "Right lads this is going to be the easiest match this season, so go out and enjoy yourselves!" Hmm, by a country mile perhaps. Now where have I heard that before?????
  12. Sempur

    Opening Times For The Bar

    Also, don't forget there will be a fun quiz after the first match as well
  13. Sempur

    Car Stickers

    Saw this car sticker on a car in Dalton the other day and thought it was quite funny . Any suggestions for a Raiders one?
  14. Sempur

    Players Shorts for Sale

    Want to look hard as nails down the gym or on that Spanish beach on your next holiday and help the floodlight fund? A limited number of 2012 Season Players Shorts are now for sale. Home shorts in white Used, some pitch stains, the missus might be able to wash 'em out but Wally couldn't, no skid marks! Size large - £4.99 Away shorts in red Look brand new. David Hasselhoff eat yer heart out! Sizes large and extra large - £9.99 I will be selling these in the ground on Sunday. So come and get a little piece of Raiders history, when they're gone, they're gone! All money raised will go towards the floodlight fund.