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  1. Thato Heath

    say no more, looks like mayfield use thuggery as a tactic. was at pats when a few weeks back when the player that was suspended til next year kicked a pats player in the head while he was on the floor. should be ashamed tryong to justify there actions by smearing others
  2. Thato Heath

    ever thought of writing fiction novels doug? what i saw was an unprovoked assualt on a thatto player getting up from a tackle and then another thatto player being set upon by 4 rochdale players. each to there own though eh? another example of mayfield thuggery. rapidly becoming the new queens/redhill/fryston. only player that should have been sent was the rochdale 11. think both teams filmed the game so there should be plenty of evidence for the judiciary to look at
  3. BARLA in NCL player embargo

    Heard a whisper today that a couple of big wigs within BARLA are standing down. Is the jolly boys holiday pot running dry?