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  1. With a Wigan side in the final and a 15-15 kick off time the Wakefield v Wigan game as i believe now been moved from an evening kick off to a 15-15 kick off on the same day
  2. Hey Joe!

    Quite a few in the Coventry squad who have played at my club Wigan St.Patricks Joe Prior, Brad Smith, Elliott Davies, Ricky Murphy, Keiran Sharratt
  3. List of Rugby League Grounds

    Quite a few challenge cup and I Pro cup( amateurs v semi pro teams) games in recent years have been played at amateur grounds off the top of my head Wath Brow and Rochdale Mayfield have played at home, Ince Rose Bridge played Hemel Stags at Wigan Rugby Unions ground, St.Pats played Dewsbury at Orrell rugby unions ground. i'm pretty sure there are a few more.
  4. Well done

    according to sky sports score centre he scored 4 tries, quality player is Liam, scored some cracking tries as a youngster at St.Pats including some for the first team whilst still a junior.
  5. 2016 Challenge Cup

    Pats coach resigning was nothing to do with challenge cup, he was against entering last season, Pats made next to nothing when we played against Leigh in 2014, one of the best supported championship sides and less than 10 miles travel, head coach and comitee didn't think it worthwhile entering.
  6. e-mail circulated to club reps,
  7. some applications don't meet minimum standards so are rejected by management before the clubs get to vote, as billybison says the ncl management work with clubs to help them reach the required standard, and any clubs meeting the criteria are then put forward to the clubs meeting for an acceptance vote.
  8. Chris Leatherbarrow RIP

    RIP - sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers for his family and friends from all at St.Pats
  9. much appreciated, can't get due to bloody shift work
  10. i would say completely the opposite, possibly the worst ref in the ncl, in my opinion should only ever be on a premier division ground as a paying spectator.
  11. Play off's

    1st miners home to 2nd siddal winner through to final played 24/10 3rd mayfield home to 6th dockers loser out, 4th st.pats home to 5th loser out, played 17/10 winners play each other loser of that out ( highest placed side at home) winner plays loser of 1st and 2nd for a place in the final, hope that makes sense Doug
  12. John Woods statue at LSV

    A great player, and a really nice guy as well,
  13. Mayfield v Brow

    I wasn't aware of that, and didn't apportion any blame or wrongdoing with Thatto anyway, it just seemed common sense for the games to be the other way round,
  14. Mayfield v Brow

    2 teams were dropped from the premier league to lessen the fixture overload, and of course the switch to summer meaning there would be no names lost to weather problems and plenty of SATURDAYS to play backlog games, or midweek games against LOCAL clubs, i still can't get my head around Brow travelling to Thatto midweek then playing Egremont on the Saturday with Thatto having no game on that same Saturday, common sense has to dictate those games should have been the other way around.
  15. Mayfield v Brow

    The league have enforced a switch in fixtures in the past, and as the governing body in my opinion should have done so in this instance,