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  1. Perhaps JD was including Liam Marshall in his count.
  2. Station Road looked magnificent. Oh, to turn the clock back.
  3. It looked like Leigh East next to the LSV.
  4. A win is a win as they say but I am concerned that we don`t seem to be able to put games to bed once we have an healthy lead. Our second half performances against Oldham and Workington have seen a dropping off in intensity which may be due to fatigue caused by our players having to step up from League One.Hope the weeks break after Halifax can be used to refresh the players for Batley and the rest.
  5. At the meeting at Sale FC Steve Wild said that the proposed kick off date and time stated above would be challenged under RFL rules as Swinton want a Sunday 3.00pm start .He went on to say that these rules specify that if both clubs cannot agree then the game must be played on Sunday.
  6. Aptly put.Maybe we`ll be renamed Swinton Dogs!
  7. According to Alan Marshall he has not signed a contract with us yet. I suppose Wigan has released him and he is now a free agent.
  8. He reminded me of David Mills and I thought if he could get his fitness levels a bit higher he could have been a useful prop in the championship.But perhaps he is not that committed and that was why Batley let him go.
  9. Don`t want to be a pessimist but to move from 400 to 2000 regular spectators at Sedgley Park in 2/3 years is an almighty ambitious target It will take a number of top cup ties or play off matches to give the club enough media exposure to attract that amount of interest but we`ve only just gained promotion to the Championship. Here is hoping though.
  10. Above is on my Spreadsheet but it does not copy and paste and there is no facility to attach document .Sorry about that.
  11. I`ve done my own stats throughout the tear which include friendlies,cup ties,league games and play offs for each 17 man team that played. Your welcome to view these but be aware that player`s number on shirts have changed throughout the season. No. 2015 Squad Members Position Appearances Tries Goals Drop Points (Inc.Sub) Goals I Richie Hawkyard Full Back 28 16 6 76 2 Shaun Robinson Winger 34 26 104 3 Stuart Littler Centre 33 15 60 4 Mick Nanyn Centre 2 0 5 Alex Hurst Winger 3 0 6 Ben White Half Back 33 17 13 3 97 7 Chris Atkin Half Back 31 23 107 2 308 8 Mike Morrison Prop 31 1 4 9 Andy Ackers Hooker 32 16 64 10 Ben Austin Prop 29 2 8 11 Grant Beecham SR 27 10 40 12 Darren Hawkyard SR 17 4 16 13 Tommy Gallagher SR 24 9 1 38 14 Lewis Hulme Hooker 3 0 15 Dale Cunniffe SR 1 0 16 Jimmy Rowlands Half Back 13 5 10 40 17 Iain Morrison Prop 2 0 18 Aaron Lloyd Hooker 24 5 20 19 Jack Morrison Prop 5 0 20 Matt Pendlebury Half Back 1 0 21 Andrew Ball Centre/SR 10 1 4 22 Chris Rothwell Utility Back 31 13 52 23 Connor Dwyer SR 25 9 36 24 Jordon James Prop 28 3 12 25 Harry Aaronson Full Back 7 6 24 27 Liam Coleman 4 0 29 Mick Govin Utility Back 15 4 16 29 Rhodri Lloyd SR 12 8 32 17 Matt Gardner Winger 7 3 12 30 Josh Barlow Loose Forward 18 2 8 31 Rob Lever SR 30 4 16 28 Michael Butt Winger 13 12 48 17 Andy Thornley 17 4 16 14 Keiyh Holden Hooker 2 0 28 Ian Mort 6 6 24 32 T Thackray 4 S Casey Total 208 155 5 1075
  12. Keith I don`t know where the term "landing page" comes from but it`s the first page you get when entering Swintonlionsrlc in your search browser which shows the club`s sponsors and the option to enter the club`s website.
  13. We got out of jail today.York were the better team for most of the match. Jonny Preskey ran the games and tore us apart at times.He didn`t deserve to be on the losing side. It`s a hollow win but wel done to the boys.we`ll take it.
  14. My vote will only be for those players who have already committed to the club for next season. 1.Chris Atkin 2.Shaun Robinson 3.Mike Morrison
  15. I thought our ball supply to the wings was to slow and Oldham showed us how to deliver quick passes when they scored their last two tries.We need a lot more professionalism if we are to be promoted.Far to many dropped balls and stray passes.Oldham played it quicker around the play of the ball and their line defence was up on us much sooner.We need to play quicker all round.