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  1. Jamal Chisholm

    As a Swinton fan I would like to let you know that all the Roughyed fans I came across yesterday were brilliant & gave their team great support in what must have been a really disappointing game for them.
  2. I travelled down & was at the game on Sunday. I bought a programme & enjoyed reading the excellent publication pre-match with a pint in hand however can I suggest someone proof reads it before printing. I spotted a couple of obvious mistakes that I thought I would bring to your attention so that it can maybe be avoided in future editions. On the club info on page 8 Swinton are referred to as Hornets! On the back page the next home game notice has the Swinton badge alongside the York City Knights name. Apart from that it was an enjoyable read. Good luck to the All Golds for the rest of the season & see you all at Sedgeley Park on the 23rd August.
  3. London Saturday

    Forgot to add...... COME ON U LIONSSSSSSSSSSSS
  4. London Saturday

    I'm going down Saturday morning, travelling by train & tube, staying over & coming back on Monday.
  5. Disgrace

    I have not heard anything about this & it is not what I would expect from the club either however you do not mention the reason/explanation for the non-payment although I suspect it could be subject to future legal action so the club is unlikely to comment at this time. I suggest let's wait & get all the facts rather than pre-judge & condemn before we have the full picture.
  6. Trust Statement

    I still don't understand why the club has consistently failed to communicate properly with the fans in the past few years. Is it because those that 'were' in charge are completely incompetent or just relied too heavily on the blind loyalty of the existing fan base. They (as well as future owners) should take a note of how Stockport County are communicating their current situation to the fans: