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    Rugby League,playing Bass guitar,Punk Music.Being a long suffering Barrow fan.
  1. Gaz Lad

    Free entrance?

    Just a question, do the mini-rugby players get in free like last season with their club registration cards? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. Gaz Lad

    Todays game

    Can anyone confirm if todays game is on or off please.
  3. Gaz Lad

    2016 shirts

    Same problem with me got it on with a struggle but getting it off my ears are still red raw and that was 6 hours ago lol
  4. Gaz Lad

    2016 fixtures

    Cheers Alba for clearing that up with season ticket.
  5. Gaz Lad

    2016 fixtures

    By the way have been a regular season ticket holder for many a year but it seems this time around I will wait and see outcome if I get one
  6. Gaz Lad

    2016 fixtures

    Doing my maths here which is not a strong subject, I work out 7 home games at £15 comes to £105 a season ticket early was £120 then after £135 where is the saving this year on them ? How many games in new format played at home?
  7. Gaz Lad


    Phil, the resemblance is nothing to do with Ulverston by any chance is it.
  8. Gaz Lad


    Jcd, I will agree with the fact we are lacking the pace in the backs from previous players we have had on the books but we have to make do with what we have . At least we still getting the wins at home and 2 points off top not bad at all.
  9. Gaz Lad


    Further to my above post, I do recall the second try was down Dolans side but giving it was an interception try and that winger could shift it was hard luck that the two players who did get close caught him just on the line but failed to stop the try, but yet again Dolan could not be blamed for that.
  10. Gaz Lad


    jcd, I think that you have made a mistake about the London kick through for their try if you thought it was on Dolans side and he made no attempt you should look at the highlights if posted on here, you will see it was scored down Toals side on the right wing not the left as Dolan played.
  11. Gaz Lad

    Saturday's How are they for you?

    Saturdays are much better for me, have three young lad's in mini rugby teams so Saturday evening no rushing around like I would be on a Sunday. Plus no work following day so chance for a few more beers after game.
  12. Gaz Lad

    Today's Game

    Rach, Always a pleasure to see you and the rest of the mob down at Barrow. It's always good banter between us all before and after the game in The Killone and also the players from your club. Good luck for the rest of the Season and as I said I won't be at the game when we play you at your spot as I will be sunning myself in Thailand . Take care and see you soon.
  13. Gaz Lad

    fed up

    Glad you got sorted Barry, hope the Lads win for us all now.
  14. Gaz Lad

    fed up

    Barry have you tried The Albion, I'm sure they do rooms. Also Jeffersons and there is a place down from the Imperial facing town hall car park can't remember name though sorry maybe someone else on here may know, think it is owned by Ricky Lucas.
  15. Gaz Lad

    This Sunday's game

    Cheers for the reply Pete, The boy's and myself will be their then.