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  1. So.......

    Rhodri Lloyd definately, maybe another wiganer on the fringes of their first team? What with our contacts and all.
  2. Suffolk Gone

    Going to need a couple now. Very dissapointing,very bad timing. Do we not fancy Menzies? We need someone rapid.
  3. Trust Statement

    Posted mine and my Dads memberships off today, time to put up or shut up as they say.
  4. The M.E.N 'Rugby League coverage'.

    I know i'm probably not the first to notice or mention this but browsing through the Salford Reds propaganda website in the rugby league bit it has sections for 'all' the local teams such as Salford, Rochdale, Oldham??? but surprisingly no mention of Swinton has anyone pulled them on this? If so what reply have you got as this is yet another insult to us on top of their already none existent coverage of the club, they are an absolute embarrassment as a 'local' newspaper. Shame on you M.E.N!
  5. Alex Hurst

    Good to see Alex at the game yesterday with his dad, had a chat with him wished him all the best for the rest of the season. Top lad.