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  1. Dressing Room Split?

    Agree Kell, At least Batley Boys can manage to win a local derby final against a Dewsbury team. The thing is 'Bath hotel numpty', your probably quick enough to cheer on Toohey when he makes a break, or smashes some body to the floor during a game. But just as quick to put him and the lads down when the going gets tough. Toohey is Batley through and through; surely he is entitled to go out in his own town. Like Colin says; if you dont like what your watching on a Sunday afternoon dont turn up. Then at least we dont have to read your drivel on here. Thats if you do manage to get off your **** and go to games?! or do you just pick up on what other people have seen first hand; then talk *****!
  2. Dressing Room Split?

    The major part of the so called Batley disease, is inbreed muppets like your self, which have probably never even played the game before, coming on here and hiding behind your monitor and slagging every one off. Ok Batley have been poor the last few week, and maybe deserve some critism. But to start singling out individuals and complain about what they do in there OWN time, I think is out of order. If it bothered you so much that Toohey and Berry was out on a bank holiday weekend after a bad day at the office having a drink with there friends, then why didn't you approach them, and aired your opions face to face. Cos your a big nowter! Also the comment on Batley Boys by watching **** heads play, is your opinion, some of those lads that play for the Boys could be the future of the Bulldogs.Just like young Aiden Lister. but he hasn't been given a fair crack of the whip. The problem to Batley's lack of performance on the field, lies else where and not in the Ex 7 hours after the game! Get a grip and Get a life; you numpty!! and ill have no problem saying that to your face!