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  1. Today

    Although the score flatters us did Huslet get over our line 5 or 6 times only to be jugded to be held up by our strong defence.
  2. New loan signing

    For half backs to shine we need the ref to give a good 10 yds and not a mean one
  3. Knights 56 Gloucester 14

    Half time draw 0257 has been claimed
  4. Well done shades2 for naming the one man responsible for this fiasco
  5. Interview with Jason McGill

    Food for Thought http://www.loverugbyleague.com/news_17558-koukash-not-happy-with-salford-s-stadium.html
  6. Council statement

    Great to see the support given to the Knights fans at Doncaster yesterday, Fully behind JG on these matters he is trying his best under great pressure from YCC and YCFC . A few points to ponder The Heritage Lottery fund do not give grants to organisations that are problem causers (I believe £70,000 to the KNIGHTS Foundation) A person is been paid reputedly £700 a day to get this organised as a COMMUNITY stadium, other users mentioned the Library are they going to have book reading sessions on the Grass The Hospital service are they going to run keep fit classes on the grass The new stores proposed are there staff going to have lunch breaks on the stadium grass etc etc A few years back a man was appointed to reorganize the library service in York he was tasked with obtaining a lottery grant to do the work, He enlisted the support of many of the local history groups which gave their support to this application only to be thrown out of the equation once the grant was successful, same old story same old corrupt council. At the recent public showing of plans for the stadium at Brockfield Park I believe it was November, I was left in no doubt that the York City Council official I spoke to intimated that there could be a new owner of the RL club at the New Stadium, and of course this is all hearsay but I got the impression that it would be YCFC If and when a new stadium arrives and the Knights play there I dont want to buy a pork pie knowing that the profit was going to the football club Estimated cost I believe is now £32 million pounds, It is my belief this will be more like £50 million by the time it arrives who will end up paying for this, ???? Pull me to bits if you want, I`m not a keyboard warrior so wont reply. I just want fair and open discussion and inclusion for all sports to be accommodated at any new stadium with equal rights to use the facilities and raise funds for the respective users and not solely the football club In the meantime I will be objecting to the proposal.
  7. Charlie Taylor R.I.P.

    I understand that the above Charlie Taylor ex York Rugby League player passed away to day believed to have been in his 90s Hopefully someon can give some more info on his time at York
  8. Knights Easter Holiday Club

    May I just say a big Thank you to the club for running the Easter Holiday club, I took two young lads down and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well as running off a lot of surplus energy it gave their Mums a bit of free time. Well done to Jack and the lads for your enthusiasm. Hopefully a re run in the Summer holidays