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  1. Picking our own seats for the final worked easily for me. When it first shows the seats it's picked for you there is a 'move your seats' sign at the top of the plan. Click that and it then allows you to move them.
  2. If anyone wishes to sit near us at the final, we're sat in bloc 331, rows 19-21, seats 50-56. The ticketek site lets you pick your seat. We're a mix of Wigan, Hull FC and Dewsbury fans with a few Broncos and a Rooster. No doubt most of us will be cheering for the Kiwis for the day. 😃
  3. Yeah it's all worked out. A 2 night stop in Streaky Bay to break up the journey. The minibus will be fitted with a beer fridge so all good lol
  4. 18 of us going. 11 of us for the whole tournament. 4 for the 1st 3 weeks, 3 for the last 3 weeks. We've got our tickets for Melbourne. Our mate in Sydney has bought a minibus for the tournament and will drive us on to Canberra for France v Lebanon, then Sydney for England v Lebanon after a few days fishing on the South NSW coast. Then the big drive to Perth for the double header. Bought our Perth tickets. We've taken the view that our 1/4 final will be back in Melbourne so it's the Great Ocean Road drive via Adelaide. From there drive the bus back to Sydney, where some fly to Brisbane for the Ashes 1st day while the rest of us chill. Gambled on our semi being in Auckland. Booked flights and get there Friday to find a pub hopefully showing the other semi. A week in NZ then Brisbane. Bought final tickets this week. Can't wait.
  5. I would suggest it is viewing figures for the RLWC in October and November which will govern if we can get better deals from broadcasters in the future. Not the viewing figures from a one off friendly. Showing the Samoa game on the BBC and raising awareness of the World Cup may have helped us achieve far better viewing figures come November when it really matters.
  6. I got one of our group who is more tech savvy than me to ring ticketek using a skype connection over the internet.
  7. That's what we have been led to believe.
  8. We are working on the theory of us losing the 1st game, winning the next 2, with our 1/4 final back in Melbourne and hopefully a semi final in Auckland. Pretty sure Australia are nailed on for a Darwin 1/4.
  9. The only game we've bought for at the minute is the Perth double header. We had a similar problem in that we were being offered too high up in the stand. We ended up ringing to get front row in the upper tier.
  10. We're having the same discussion. 12 of us are going. I'm not too keen on those seats in the corner either. We're deciding this weekend over a beer what to do.
  11. Yeah no problem. 5 of us dressed in rugby gear of some sort.
  12. Yeah you can have 1 as I may end up with another 2 spares. We will be in Wigan Central at 1 or u can call round now.
  13. I have 2 spare tickets for the game if anyone's interested. Popular side terrace. £12. We're driving up from Wigan this afternoon.