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  1. Yeah no problem. 5 of us dressed in rugby gear of some sort.
  2. Yeah you can have 1 as I may end up with another 2 spares. We will be in Wigan Central at 1 or u can call round now.
  3. I have 2 spare tickets for the game if anyone's interested. Popular side terrace. £12. We're driving up from Wigan this afternoon.
  4. 1. Yes, we're all sitting together. 2&3. 4 of the group have booked accommodation for Liverpool as they're from Yorkshire, the rest of us are on the train from Wigan. 4. Waiting until today would have saved us £16 per ticket, admittedly dropping from Cat A to Cat B tickets as Cat A tickets are no longer on sale. I only booked Cat A tickets as we have friends over from Australia so we splashed out. We would've been more than happy with B tickets. In fact some of my group would've been happy with Cat C tickets but I managed to persuade them. I will never buy tickets in advance again for a Rugby League International. I will wait for a discount code and if it sells out fine, if no code prevails I will watch on tv.
  5. So, having done the right thing and bought 24 tickets for the final a few months ago as part of an order for over 100 tickets covering every single game in the tournament, I have now been sent a 40% off code for the final (NHSFINAL). Fair enough, I qualified for the group discount at the time and therefore got £50 tickets for £40, but the RFL's total inability to sell our sport to both our own fans and sports fans in general and their reliance of voucher codes or use of groupon/wowcher/travelzoo to shift tickets has really annoyed me. Fans buying early and getting behind the sport should always get the best deal. In future I will sit back and wait for a 40% off code. I now have 23 people questioning why I bought tickets so far in advance when they can now get Category B tickets for just £24.
  6. 21 of us from Wigan. Coach there and back. Terrible kick off times hasn't stopped us going but has stopped us staying over.
  7. I also have 1 spare ticket. Upper tier £20 with a choice of sitting next to Wigan, Dewsbury, Hull FC fans or a Sydney Roosters fan.
  8. A group of us have already started saving for the 2017 World cup. Please,please allow England to have their group matches in 1 country. We always have to do a load of travelling. 2006 was Christchurch, Sydney, Wellington then Brisbane. Last year was Brisbane, Melbourne, Dunedin, Wellington. PNG would be an adventure that's for sure.
  9. Thanks for the beinspired code. Just bought 20 tickets in the upper tier @ £18.50 each. Can't wait.
  10. Gaz Hock willingly signed an agreement that allowed him to walk away from the Red Devils with continued payments to be paid to him. If Leigh want him to play they or Gaz should repay the monies already paid under this agreement and forgo any further monies due.
  11. If you go on to the Wigan site and pretend you are buying tickets for a home game you get to see a detailed plan with seat numbers, rows etc. You can then go on the RFL site and use the favourite seat option to pick that seat.