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  1. Rugby League Live 4

    Thanks for the heads up, I will update it tmw while I'm at work. Anyone on xbox who wants a game, let me know
  2. 2017 World Cup

    I'm doing the quarter final in Melbourne, semi in Auckland and the final, fly out from Manchester on Nov 15 for 3 weeks. Can't wait
  3. I won't be.... Nothing to do with Oldham but I have better things to do
  4. Been looking forward to seeing the new range for the World cup, if this is it then its bloody awful.
  5. RLWC 2017

    I agree Matt the website is awful. I tried various phones, tablets and PC 's to try and get the map to open up so I could see the seat selection. Got their in the end and like you I'm doing the quarter, semi and Final... Roll on Nov
  6. 2017 RLWC ticket sales

    I have based my trip on the idea of playing in Melbourne for the quarters and Semi in Auckland. Odsal Outlaw how many people will be in your group? It will be good to see some fellow Bulls fans out there.
  7. 2017 RLWC ticket sales

    Anyone know if it Is possible to actually choose your own seats rather than have them selected for you? I'm looking to go to the quarter final in Melbourne, Semi Final in NZ and the final. Every time I have looked to get tickets, the only ones I can get are on the front row which I don't want.....
  8. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    Seems like Rohan is not staying
  9. Eng V NZ Olympic Park tickets

    I have also just phoned up and got cut off twice, also it still has the Grand Final message ticket info
  10. For a while now I have been thinking about what I believe is wrong about RL in terms of how the game is run.....Firstly I believe that we have lost our identity of when the game is played, when I was growing up all games were on a Sunday at 3pm. Nowadays your lucky to find a SL game that day. I think other than a Live TV game and Catalan Dragons all games should be on a Sunday, this helps the away support get to the games, it allows family's to get there at a reasonable time rather than kids staying up late and it keeps you out of the freezing cold if your at Odsal. Promoting the game....My team Bradford Bulls are now in the Championship but the media coverage of that division is non existant, more needs to be done to promote the lower league sides and show highlights of the games, I don't think the results of the games even make the local tv news like they once did. We have a national game that needs more publicity. BBC have improved a lot recently with there coverage and highlight package but they could easily do more, extend to show highlights the game plus do profiles of the smaller development clubs like your Coventry Bears, Oxford etc, Internationals.....At the moment we have the other code playing there showpiece event, I haven't watched any of it because I fine it totally dull but now would be the perfect time to be advertising the England V NZ Test series when games have gone to advertisements. I also think that our League clubs should also promote Internationals/Grand Finals and Challenge cup finals.....This could be done easily if the clubs got more out of it....For every adult ticket that your league club(Amateur clubs could also do this)sell that club then keeps a percentage of the ticket money. The game gets promoted through the clubs the clubs get money for promotion of the games.
  11. Middle 8 Predictions

    The million pound game that people go on about, is this played at a neutral venue or at the team that finished 4th ground?
  12. Think I have worked it out now, you need to recruit a attrition recovery physio. Then go to Recovery Physio Auto assign on
  13. Anyone know how to sort the players energy levels out on this? My players condition is 99 but when I start the match some of the energy levels are 56
  14. Just ordered a copy from Ebay for £21 Cant wait now, Bulls back in the big time
  15. Sky 3d

    Just tried watching the Hudds V St Helens game on 3d and lasted 15 mins, the view is appalling and the camera work is miles behind the play, is this usual with the 3d coverage?