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  1. Pom WA

    Worst England player

    Karl pratt Tulsen Tollet
  2. Pom WA

    Kiwi squad for Test Series

    is there an alternative to Lolohea and Nikorima halves combo? coz that isnt a strong one for international football
  3. Hope england dont get lumped with an opening games in Port Morseby in October. that would be a tough task and potential hiccup. great for the sport and PNG, hope the investment reaps rewards for years to come
  4. Pom WA

    NRL GF outrates AFL GF

    Have worked in the NT a few times this year. definately get the fell its a League more than AFL state. kids seem to be 50/50 though which is probably thanks to the seasons running at opposite times of the year. Channel 9 put the footy show in the correct order , NRL then AFL. wish that happend in Perth. the point about competition for eye balls is also valid. in WA the Channel 7 news outrated the GF by about 11k.
  5. Pom WA

    Jimmy Lowes dummy.

    if we went back to promotion and relegation again, you still have the potential for a million pound game, its just not sold that way. pretty sure Wakefield beat Cas in what was essentially a game for peoples livlehoods several superleagues ago?? what really is the difference? if ever a team has the chance to be relegated into a different cap system or full to part-time then these circumstances are essentially the same as current format?? middle 8's need to be tweaked clearly, CHampioship sides seem a bit disadvantaged. i think Phil Clarke spoke well about the emotion of Lowes during the interview.
  6. This already happens and has done for a few years. The side is called Combined Affiliated States (CAS) and usually goes to a pacific isalnd for a 2 game tour, usually against a residents side. went to the Cook Islands last year and going to Samoa this year. the side is dominated by WA. Not sure of the development value for the nations they play and the cost is massive but its a nice carrot for rep football for local players in the smaller states.
  7. Pom WA

    Salford win Grand Final

    Why are they in the championship under 20's, do any other superleague sides do this. Apologies for my ignorance I just thought everyone had a 19's and that was all (which is ridiculous)
  8. Is this the death of dual registration???