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  1. player movement

    As long as you don't mix 'em with sleeping tablets or they could really be in the..........
  2. Terry Clawson

    I Also took All The Wrong Moves 'Clogger's' excellent book on hols a couple of years ago and am in full agreement for those slightly more mature fans shall we say, or those with long memories this really is an excellent book. T.C. writes in a very informative manner with more than a touch of humour, thoroughly enjoyed it cover to cover in 3 days which for someone who hardly ever reads is the mark of a good read in my book A good servant to Rovers although other clubs may have had the best of Terry, those inside the game often refer to him as one of the hardest ever to step onto a field - Frightened of Nothing !!
  3. 1952 final

    Just checked, with source ( who is a little shy, and would rather remain unidentified ) but did play in the 1983 Wembley Showpiece ( that narrows it down a little ) and he assures me that the coin toss story is in fact true, and was told to him verbally by either Keith himself or Laurie Gant he cannot quite remember which. Unfortunately, this cannot be verified as both these 2 great servants of Featherstone Rovers are coaching elsewhere I imagine, willing the class of 2010 to stay focused and continue their efforts !
  4. 1952 final

    As a little footnote here am pretty sure I heard a rumour from a reliable source that at the time we had 3 good centres in that final squad and in the lead up to the game a coin was tossed to see who would partner Alan Tennant Don Metcalfe apparently got the Nod over...Keith Goulding ? can anyone confirm this snippet from all those years ago ? Interesting - well I thought so anyway !
  5. France Trip

    Not sure if anything is officially organised for Toulouse away 2010 but heard a rumour that around game time Company Coaches are looking at a possible coach holiday to Lloret with an option for those who wish to be taken to the stadium as an excursion - if there is sufficient interest ? Might not float everyones boat but an option for those who fancy a week away and don't want to fly. Details Check with Company Coaches
  6. France Trip