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    Capturing Weasels from the wild and taming them to eventually peform circus tricks along side a 3 legged Dutch Wolfhound
  1. Today

    Good old fashioned king of Leon game plan... STOP COOKE!
  2. Today

    King did you really just mention Gaskill and a GB shirt in the same sentance?! Have you been on the buns again
  3. Help... Name of former player?

    ha ha you could do mate...
  4. Help... Name of former player?

    I'm trying to get the name of a former player of yours if any of you can help? I met the guy recently on holiday, but after a few beers I cant remember his name for the life of me!!! He was a stand off, about 6 foot/ 6 foot 1, dark hair. He played under Kidd and was at the club along with the likes of Kris Smith, Marlon Billy, Wayne English, Hawkyard etc... I think roughly 2005-2010ish kind of era, I'd say he is now late 20's to early 30's He struggled with injury and is now on crutches facing the possibility of losing his leg after a recent knee reconstruction went wrong... I also know he was involved in starting a Blackburn ARLFC club after his Swinton playing days... Any help would be appreciated in finding the guys name as I would like to keep in touch with him. Thanks Guys.
  5. From: Hunlset V Shef

    About 2 months ago me and 3 other people decided to start a new local amateur rugby league club where we live in Worltey Leeds, we started from scratch with no finances and not even a single rugby ball, since then through a lot of hard work and commitment we have managed to aquire over £2500 in sponsorship & fundraising, bearing in mind this is a team that havent even played a single game! surely this should be meat & drink to a team like Hunslet, im not knocking the people that volunteer to help any organisation and i never will because i know the hard work that goes into it...!! like the shop for instance, nobodys saying we have to order things in bulk i.e thousands upon thousands, ordering 25 - 50 "quality" polo shirts at a time at a price of £12 and then selling them at £20 cant fail to make money surely?? then look at getting in "quality" jumpers & tracksuits, the demamand is there, all you have to do is talk to people in the Phoenix bar and they will tell you the same! and if you find a sponsor for the polo's, jumpers & tracksuits then its all profit.......!!! like I've said before we're not just doom & gloom merchants, we're Hunslet fans and i for one always will be, its just every club you look around at seems to be doing things and have things running that we dont.....!!!