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  1. Good away win at Keighley

    Well done on a hard fought victory, it looks like you have us this season for power and pace. We said after the game that a couple more good players will see you compete in the higher division. You just need to bare in mind though, just how badly we have been affected by injury. We started the year with arguably the best half back combination in the division, Danny Jones sadly passed away and Tiger Handforth suffered a season ending injury in practice on Thursday night. We've lost both our hookers, one of whom actually played yesterday but was taken off early in the game with recurring concussion ( the original injury was at your place). Repeated man of the match second row Ash Lindsay broke his foot last week and we lost our main strike prop (season ending injury) a few weeks ago. Our goal kicking centre Danny Lawton is injured and another second rower was unavailable for this match. On top of this we lost another to injury during the match. We have a "patched up" side, but I suppose that's how the game is and we've just got to get on with it. I had confidence in us being in a good position for one of the promotion spots but now I'm not so sure. Best team on the day won. Ps we all know how all fans are with refs decisions so I won't go there ;-)