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  1. I thought it was the other way round: SL can put forward ideas / changes which are ratified / rejected by the RFL. I may be wrong but which ever is correct the RFL have the final say to ensure the best interests of the wider game are met.
  2. Toronto

    514 tram runs up and down King Street with a stop outside the ground (Jefferson Ave). Stops in the city centre on the corners of York St or University Ave and others. $3.25 single trip fare (no change given) or $3.00 tokens bought at stations and some shops. Journey takes about 20 minutes. Cabs an option but there was 6 of us. Any more questions, ask away! Hope you have a good a trip as we did.
  3. Toronto

    Did it last weekend on the Canadian Affair / Transat deal staying at the Sheraton. If you can, do it. Get down to the ground early, mix with the locals, have a few in the Brazen Head before, stay in the beer garden after the game with the players and officials. Hopefully Mr Argyle will furnish you with beer tokens like he did for us. If you have the stamina, back to the Brazen Head with teams. They may be naive about the game but the crowd are there for a good day out and the positivity is infectious. Such a refreshing change to watching in this country, especially as a Wigan fan!
  4. parking at anfield

    Another option is North Liverpool Academy School which is about a mile from Anfield. They've confirmed it'll be open 3 hours before kick off and costs £7.