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  1. Anyone know when Round 2 is drawn and on what weekend it's played?
  2. It's always sad to hear about someone so young passing away. Deapest sympathy to all family and friends.
  3. Guardsman

    Hunslet Amateur Teams

    Good win for both Hunslet Warriors Teams today. Wigan St. Patrick's 26 - 28 Hunslet Warriors Hunslet Warriors A 13 - 6 Siddal A
  4. Guardsman

    Summer/Winter debate

    There can still be a fixture list issued. It just needs information from Clubs early enough for the NCL to work at putting fixtures together. It will be hard work yes, but not impossible.
  5. Guardsman

    Summer/Winter debate

    With difficulty I'm sure. But if teams give their dates well in advance then I feel that it's doable. Maybe the NCL would come back and say clubs can only have two weeks or say give a free week carte blanch to every team and one that the teams can choose themselves. There are all sorts of permutations but as I said earlier there are people in paid positions who have the time to sort this out and if the game is to go forward, we need to look at every option to improve the situation.
  6. Guardsman

    Summer/Winter debate

    Let's offer some constructive ideas as to what we think would help. I think teams should be allowed to select at least THREE free weeks PRIOR to the season starting. This will allow teams to plan stag do's, weddings etc., This will inevitably require more work and organisation from the powers that be at the NCL, but then they are being paid for their respective roles and I'm sure there would be a way round this i.e. extending the season a week either side etc., Opinions and suggestions ?