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  1. 2017 Kit Vote

    when is the result being announced?
  2. leeds wigan

    A bit harsh, nowhere near as good as against Catalans, but the problem was too much dropped ball which meant we didnt get any field position, still could have won it
  3. Gutted with the result but a very enjoyable game. Thought Josh Jackson was absolutely immense, MOM for me, that's what a SOO forward should be like. Walker looked out of his depth and I don't think they knew where to play Jack Bird when he came on. I may be in a minority of one here but can anyone tell me what Aiden Guerra brings to the table, having watched him for several years now I've no clue how he gets into rep teams at all, comparing him to the likes of Jackson or Gillett today is laughable, he just seems so slow and lazy in comparison, often 2nd or 3rd man in tackles, and his form, in fairness like half the team, for the Roosters this year has been dreadful, I've never seen anyone knock on so much, there must be better alternatives
  4. Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know!

    In an era where you cant throw a punch or even use the shoulder its hard to compare anyone with the Era of the Biff, theres a few players down under who i wouldnt fancy being tackled by like Matai, Warea-Hargreaves, Jackson, Wade Graham, Matulino, Scott, Campbell-Gillard, Nigel Plum who's recently retired, Dylan Napa if he can keep them down, but no-one springs to mind in super league for consistent big hits. Bateman, Hill, Minichello, Murdoch-Masila are the biggest hitters for me with manfredi and Rhys Evans putting in some decent shots this year, but nothing like the past era.
  5. Sam Barlow Assaults UK Anti-Doping Officer

    Presumably relating to the Swinton v Leigh game where Josh was on the bench as a sub but ran onto the field of play to join in a fight and was sent off
  6. Ive no doubt it'll be a great tournament, my doubt is how widely watched it will be, not trying to be negative but promotion has hardly been our forte in the past. I pray it's a huge success, and we get a proper international calendar, which the Aussies either take seriously or get left out of something major as a lesson, and that developing nations get the exposure and funding they deserve. But.... I still think we're light years behind Unions international game which has been established for so long and has so much more backing from federations and clubs, there's no quibbling about releasing players, the calendars set up properly, the money is there, like it or not it's where we should aspire to be, not the sport, I can't for the life of me understand why anyone wants to spend a fortune watching a penalty kicking contest, but the structure at international level is excellent
  7. Like you say, it depends how you interpret. I agree with you if we're talking about people taking an easy option of a big payday in Yawnion while standing around wasting their talents. It's easy to think that may be what Charnley is doing as he didn't seem to have the heart for a fight when he lost his shirt to Manfredi last year, though it has to be said he's back near his best this year, albeit too late now he's signed to go. But the likes of Sonny Bill and Hayne, I don't believe it's just money where they're concerned, and they're being slated as traitors and mercenaries. Of course they're well paid in what they've chosen to do, but trying your hand at NFL, or both Yawnion and boxing as SBW has done, to me that's more challenging yourself as an athlete to be the best you can in a short career, and I don't think as a sport there's anything we can, or should do, to stop those few individuals who want to try such a thing I definitely agree a better international game would help keep stars from just going to the dark side, but I honestly don't see a time in the next 30 years plus when our international game can come anywhere close to theirs, countries in RL just don't give it the recognition it deserves, Australia seem to pick and choose when they can be bothered to play us or NZ, and continue to adopt players from "lesser" nations when they really don't need to. Can we honestly compete with the Union World Cup? Not a chance, financially, exposure wise, we're miles behind, it's great we're trying to make the effort, and looking at the squads from the Tonga, PNG and Samoan squads last week there's some great talent there, but we're a long way from a competitive World Cup that will get the proper TV coverage our great game deserves
  8. Hayne Leaves NFL

    Upgraded contract because he deserved it for the quality of his play. Media exposure is nothing to do with Sam, he doesnt control what the media put out, and if Inglis cant deal with not being number 1 for the first time in how long then he needs to look at himself, how does Inglis think the rest of the team have felt when he's been number one for the past few years. Truth is i'm sure Greg couldnt care less about Sams media exposure, probably took some of the heat off him for once. "Breaking" his deal, with the clubs permission meant that Souths got a shed load of Union money which they wouldnt have received if he'd left when his contract had run out Welcomed back because he is a brilliant player, what on earth is wrong with that? Would Souths fans rather he was lining up for the Roosters or the Broncos?
  9. No form at all for either team but i cant see anything other than a Wigan win, just because Leeds confidence must be so shot to pieces at the moment. McDermott looked utterly broken after the last game and i struggle to see how he can pick them up yet again. Another week of returning players must help Wigan, hopefully the halves have worked on at least one attacking move this week, and at the very least Bateman will be dragging Wigan forward on his own as he has all season, 26-12
  10. Why does anyone care? These men are phenominal athletes with very short careers. Once its over they are the ones sat at home who have to look back and ask themselves if they made the most of their careers, and they are the ones who have to live with the answer. I say go for it, do what makes you happy, if they can master one, two, three or four sports then more power to them, it takes so much effort and no small amount of skill to do so, and who are we to abuse them for doing it. As a fan of a club or the sport, if they leave, they will be replaced, there will always be talent coming through, so as much as i loved watching the likes of Hanley at Wigan, when he left there was Phil Clarke, then Farrell, then O'Loughlin, after him will be Bateman and then someone else, same for all clubs, same for all sports, we're not really losing out, Hayne et al have every right to choose their career paths, we all love RL, and we will continue to do so whether Hayne, Sonny Bill or whoever play it, so live and let live, better to try and fail than not try at all
  11. Joe Burgess piece on

    Burgess saved a couple of tries with some decent defence at times, as has been said, i don't think he received one single pass from Ferguson all game, certainly not to give him any kind of an attacking chance, if he gets a gap he will score, lightening quick over 30 and 100 metres, he grabbed two easy ones in the first game of the season but they've created nothing for him since he came back into the team. I'd have him back at Wigan in a heartbeat to replace josh next year.
  12. Wigans attack has been poor all season and apart from one excellent half against Leeds our forwards havent been remotely dominant as we would like, despite the non stop efforts of Bateman. That said, for all the negatives we're joint second in the table, more through effort and determination than skill, but there we are, not too shabby for a team that everyone is slaughtering for their performances so far, in seasons gone by we've played similarly poorly at the start of the season and would have lost at least half a dozen by now, so the lads deserve credit for where they are, even if its not the free flowing style we want to see. As for blaming the coaching, like it or not the players we had missing were pretty important, not just Lockers and whichever Tomkins you were implying was past it. If you've watched Wigan at all over the last few years you'll know what a difference O'Loughlin makes to the organisation of our team, Joel Tomkins is past his best but is still a better option than the likes of Greg Burke or Willie Isa. Our first choice fullback in Sam hasnt played a game yet and his cover Sarginson is in no way a fullback, our best back this season in Manfredi didnt play, and he has been a revelation, Gelling is just back from injury, we've a young second rower in Gregson doing a decent job at stand off with only a handful of first team games to his name but he's hardly going to be creative or have any kind of kicking game, Williams was only just back from a long term back injury yesterday, Flower and Crosby were missing, who are much better than Mossop and Tautai, McIlorum is our best tackler and is gone for the season, and Farrell is solid in defence and makes breaks in attack and was also missing. Throw all those in and you get a different game. I take nothing away from Warrington who were fantastic, and without their creative force in Sandow, although Ratchford and Gidley aren't too shabby as half backs, so why not give the Wire the praise they deserve rather than slam a Wigan side missing a hell of a lot of players, and others who have probably hardly trained over the past month since the virus hit. Call it an excuse or whatever you want, its just realism that says we'll be in much better shape when these players are back in the team, lets hang on til the end of the season before we slate Wane and the lads. Another positive is the unexpected game time for the likes of Gregson, Bretherton, Higginson, Wells and to a lesser extent Sutton, it will stand those young lads in great stead for the future and hopefully give them a hunger to work hard to get back into the shirt, its not all doom and gloom Against Warrington Sarginson Charnley Gelling Gildart Tierney Gregson Smith Clubb Powell Mossop Bateman Isa Sutton Williams Tautai Burke Wells When fully fit S Tomkins Manfredi Gelling Sarginson Charnley Williams Smith Crosby Powell (id put Mcilorum in but he'll not be back) Flower Bateman Farrell O'Loughlin J Tomkins Clubb Tautai Isa Seriously, is there any doubt how big an impact injuries have had, as someone else said, Huddersfield have also had a shocking amount of injuries, but look where they are in the league compared to us, credit where its due!
  13. If I was a Saints fan I'd be so frustrated with LMS, I find him so annoying to watch. Yes all teams move off the mark at ptb, and Wigan did plenty too yesterday, but LMS doesn't seem capable of playing the ball without striding forward, pushing markers or throwing himself on the floor to milk a penalty. He seems obsessed with running verbal battles with anyone he can find, mostly Joel yesterday, which is all well and good if you're playing well, but he's not, and Saints weren't, if he'd just focus on his job he'd do a decent job for them but it seems niggling and personal battles come first and rugby second at the moment, he's turning into a Ryan Bailey type pantomime dame if he's not careful, Saints young lads need a better role model from someone with plenty experience, I wonder what his coaches say to him as it's the same every game
  14. 2016 breakout year&unknown star

    Hoping Gabriel Fell gets a couple of games at fullback, looked very promising for the Wigan youth team last year, Tierney has had a few chances here and there in the Wigan first team and whilst being solid has never, to me, looked good enough to stay there. Has to be a make or break year for Greg Burke too, seems to have spent about 40 years out on loan, will get a few games to prove his ability when Lockers is no doubt injured for half the season, be hard for him with our other back row options though, can't keep them all