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  1. 2 weeks to go and no replica shirts

  2. What on earth is going on?

    Oldham Athletic Trust has commented on owtb message board that talks are on going with the rugby.
  3. Bad News from companies House

    Wearing last seasons away kit at the official season launch I see. Professional as ever orlfc
  4. Bad News from companies House

    It would be a good start if the club tried marketing the twitter account is shockingly under used as is Facebook. I realise the club relies on volunteers but it's a free way to get the club out there and it's neglected almost completely
  5. World Cup Heads Up

    10 of us have tickets for the standing terrace, managed to book off the friday to the wednesday so i can wizz up from a weekend at the opener at Cardiff and dont have to worry about work after the game at spotland cant wait!
  6. Rugby league live 2

    Was lucky enough to be given a copy yesterday been very impressed so far. Actually having the kits adds abit more polish to the product too. Anyone else picked it up?