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  1. Workington Town Legacy Initiative

    I am going to buy a seat and name it Craig Calvert - just to ###### him off.... and so it's there if he ever wants to watch a real team.
  2. Local Derby

    I thought you were joking and suggesting it as a Mickey Mouse themed joke. I have just seen the back page of the N&S and its true!......... Mickey Mouse as referee and sponsored by Specsavers you couldn't make it up.
  3. Local Derby

    Who knows..... Let's be honest I think Bradford left Workington a couple of weeks ago feeling rather fortunate they had the points in the bag! Self belief and teamwork go a long way in Rugby League and derbies are won by the team who wants it the most.
  4. Featherstone home predictions!

    Nah..... It was more like Hepi - lots of noise but zero impact! Keep the faith Jam boy.
  5. Town vs donny

    Or extrementum if you want it in Latin
  6. Squad For Doncaster

    Eh. On London boys
  7. Squad For Doncaster

    I wonder if Big Yin or his "dad" can tell us if it's raining in Mirehouse!
  8. Training 2night

    Come on tell the truth... You have been to see the lights at the Kells End haven't you!