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  1. So 'Talbot' has gone back to Saints to run there 'Reserve Team', I'm guessing that a lot of the other 'Super League' Clubs are going to be running Reserve Teams also so where does this leave the 'Dual Registration' ?, the 'Super League' Clubs won't be needing to Ship players out for 'Match Fitness' etc, so 'Saints' won't need to be interfering in 'Hornets' business etc. So then it comes to attracting players to the Club , New Coach etc. What makes People think 'Matt Calland' wants the Job ?, He was given 'False Promises' by the Board when he ran the U 20's (or what ever Age it was) , add to that what makes people think the 'Local Talent' is going to want to play for 'Hornets' ? , some of the recent ones where 'Messed around' and 'Others' are just not Interested, especially when 'Board Members' are asking 'Local Business Men' to ask Players if they will Play for 'Hornets' ;-) lol