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  1. Ideas to boost the attendance at the final

    Well said shawy 13 Rfl under handed with Raiders again All the ###### teams at home
  2. Barrow vs Whitehaven predictions

    Cant honestly see Whitehaven in with a chance of winning Raiders by at least 12 points gate anybodies guess been so dissapointed all season
  3. Cresta.....and a pat on the back!

    Pauls tactical awareness is always spot on
  4. york game

    Looked to me going by the shirt numbers and those without numbers they had 6 dr players its becoming a joke just saing
  5. Promotion?

    After watching Keighley game I wish we were playing Toronto at home thought they were average away from home, different kettle of fish at home
  6. Wigan v Hull

    Bet its Sky Idea greedy sods
  7. Whitehaven... it's Gareth Hewer

    Very good doing super league quite surprised