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  1. Good player but dont think Super league standard
  2. willow

    Liam Harrison

    Glad to see Matty Holmes back really rate him always puts a good shift in
  3. Barrow much better going foreward when Perata is on the field seem to slow down when he goes off too many penalties today wonder what the count was
  4. willow


    Without Aston and the Saints players they are just average there results show that think we were stitchedup but we were poor defensively
  5. willow


    We probably missed Big Joe was he rested thought he was ok
  6. Surely barrow can name the sheffield players caught on video with joe & Andy Dally has been done twice cant understand it
  7. Do we know what happened to Jarrad
  8. willow


    Just get the win today Raiders and lets get over it
  9. That is a real good tie really winnable up the Raiders
  10. With Batley and Barrow both beating Leigh next weeks game on that hill could have a big bearing on how the season could pan out for both teams . Know its early days but it could be a pointer Up The Raiders
  11. anyway of getting radio coverage cant make the game lying in a hospital bed boo hoo
  12. Is that get at Murph time or what He is not an electrical engineer problem was when all the alterations were done the main distribution should have been soted
  13. So the pitch is going to take another battering but Murph says grass grows wont be there in fgh waiting to go to Blackpool Vic dam it
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