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  1. Scrap it and scrap Summer bash as well
  2. Betting

    same for fax and dews but i only copied it from skybet
  3. Betting

    Odds on Skybet.Leigh 2/9 Bradford 6/1 London 16/1 Sheffield 20/1 Featherstone 25/1 Halifax 33/1 Dewsbury 33/1 Swinton 66/1 Oldham 66/1 Batley 100/1 Whitehaven 100/1 Workington 100/1 that puts us 5th from bottom at end of season,will we be happy with that?
  4. Paul Wood

    According to love rugby league we are signing Paul Wood next season
  5. Oldham

    is anywhere seated
  6. Sportsmans Dinner - 29th May - BILL ASHURST

    you don`t look that old Mark
  7. Transport to Park Lane

    Me to
  8. HEMEL - 1st March 3pm

    keep us posted on the transport
  9. Swinton talk

    George only wants someone to chat for 30-45 mins
  10. Swinton talk

    Steve i have let George Wrigglesworth know and he has been trying to contact you.He will give you details
  11. Swinton talk

    Age uk are looking to do a talk on Swinton Lions on 15th Jan.They are looking for someone to speak for about 1/2 hour.I have been asked to make a list of the most important 20 things in the history of the Lions.Any suggestions please.