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  1. Attendances

    Good morning George, just for clarity my comment in response to your statement "the game is strong at school and amateur level" The amateur game across the board is on it's backside and has been declining for a considerable amount of time the switch to summer some 6/7 years ago, has had a catastrophic affect on the game at this level. I aren't sure whether you have been privy to the Sport England participation figures and the withdrawal of funding to the RFL due to this. There are a host of traditional ARL clubs going to the wall, which is a shame and everybody is affected by this, Youth rugby is nearly wiped out in some areas unthinkable previously, I am not commenting with particularly to York as a example this is across the whole Rugby League community and is very well documented, Volunteers the lifeblood of Amateur clubs are leaving the sport in droves unless there is a radical overhaul the future is bleak I do not believe that is been over dramatic. With regard the knights great to see a resurgence after some recent dark years and there will always be support for a successful team in the city doing things the right way, Certainly potential to build on this and as you say gain some old supporters back and engage in the new to reflect some healthy attendances moving forward
  2. Attendances

    what planet are you on !
  3. Elland ARLFC

    Just read this post and it is very sad that Elland have withdrawn from the NCL, I hope they can regroup and bounce back strongly, Just on a wider issue does anybody think it surprising that since Mr Smeaton's post I notice it had 120 views - nobody had thought they wanted to reply. It is not long that ago that this would, if not been major news certainly would have raised a few eyebrows and certainly stirred debate - these days nothing ! Interested to here the lads views who do and used to post on here that this is obviously a sign of the times and the malaise that now engulfs Amateur Rugby League seems to be an irreversible trend that for tradtionallists like myself is very sad to see. not interested in reviving summer/winter that's been discussed ad nauseum undoubtedly an issue,
  4. A ray of hope?

    Is this ray of light, is the reality that this a clone of Guildford ? Therefore on the outside the club had new owners but if you peel that back has anything changed ??
  5. Knights v acorn

    Interesting but not surprising article in the local rag today regarding the venue I'd like to ask a question in this clash of the rugby league giants of York could somebody tell me which one is the amateur club ? Replies gratefully accepted !
  6. BARLA Yorkshire Cup Final - Postponed

    Is the upton v queens game taking place tomorrow does anybody know ?? Any ideas of ok time I know the u18s final is taking place first - thanks
  7. Great win today lads well done !