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  1. Dont think Andy Kain will be the player he was at Fev, I would rather have Brambani at the dogs than Kain no disrespect to him didnt really get going at hunslet,difference between Brambani and thacks is one left for more money after saying all the right things about staying no doubting he is talented but we have signed a proven champ player who can kick teams to death especially with our famous slope and from a successful eagles side and 2 others in Walker and Davey About Sammut proven he can make a difference but must be costing a good whack for 2 years, could be risky or genius, would take him for the batley side but rather get 3 players than 1 for same price
  2. He played for Warwick Cowboys in Aus for 2014,been playing for England and Yorkshire Students this year
  3. The only way we can keep the crowd growing and increase the interest is to get involved marketing team doing an amazing job,we might have limited resources but we can do it,it's already improving
  4. Such a nice bloke dicky my dad played with him at northern,he was into all bodybuilding when it wasn't the done thing back then running around a muddy field used to be the training
  5. Surely you mean bradford northern Gary?
  6. After reading in the press speaks volumes about these 2 they have been credited with turning the team around,raising morale and the famous bulldog spirit,these 2 are massive legends thats what we needed someone getting us by scruff of neck and giving a kick up ######,like they say form is temporary class is permanent
  7. Suppose it's good this wont happen again,maun's has had all season,just hope back soon,have to fight faal for his place back,hope Moore back soon just waiting for his op date,so hope can be back for start of season,suppose we got Hemingway and whitmore,think Hemingway will get a chance first tho
  8. Is there a up to date list of players and positions for 2013,just to show depth in squad
  9. Think looking to be a good squad at least 14 of last seasons players,some good new players who I think will hard more power around the park,few pacey players,seem to be getting a settled squad just adding a few new each season to improve us and hopefully some good DR players to add bit more competition and cover injuries