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  1. No Confidence in Board

    Gary, Not that I've ever done a lot of posts but I thought it was a vehicle for a bit of humour (which at times it is) I didn't realise it was as serious (sometimes....) as it is. No hidden agenda (not that you're suggesting there is) & hindsight's a great thing. Being a thick **** LOL! I honestly thought that was the way it was done. I did try & change it when I first registered, it doesn't allow you to, unless I'm missing something, which wouldn't be a suprise!! Paul.
  2. No Confidence in Board

    Tom, looks like it'll never be achieved as people are comfortable posting as they do & that's their right. I perhaps live in a different world where you have your say & people are fully aware who you are. It may be a bit old fashioned but integrity springs to mind. Why would somebody not have the courage of their conviction? If I'm using a false name it wouldn't take a brain surgeon to soon work out that'd be the case. Using a username you could as you say be anybody as no one would ever know. Lone Drinker, it works both ways, maybe some people post under a username because they can have a go without any redress. I'll retire gracefully lol & leave you posters to it. Cheers, Paul Halloran.
  3. No Confidence in Board

    Hi Tom, Tom, other than giving you my inside leg measurements, I'm not sure what you want me to do? I suppose you'll just have to work on the principle of trust as I am with you. No hidden agenda. The only thing with me because I've put my name to it is you can actually check me out - not that you'd want to, as I'm sure you've better things to do with your time!!!! Gary, how very dare you!!!! Open & honest mate, admitting my short comings!!! Dolmio, agreed it's tedious. What started as a simple impartial post has become like Through The Keyhole!!!!!!! Cheers again, Paul Halloran.
  4. No Confidence in Board

    Hi Tom, Ask Gary Coyle. I'd be a bit stupid to be fair asking for transparency & then posting under a false name. I will try & attach a photo later, just not the worlds greatest with tech' Cheers, Paul.
  5. No Confidence in Board

    Gary, Noted mate & I admire you for it. It's also called choice to be able to question & ask somebody why they wouldn't have the courage of their conviction to attribute their name to something they post. Cheers, Paul.
  6. No Confidence in Board

    I am sure that many of the points made Paul standup for themselves , with or without poster IDs. The truth is the truth, and the very fact that people take the time and effort to post these points would suggest that they care about what is and what is not happening to the Club. Unfortunately the 'come and talk to me over a pint' days are over, and until people see a little more transparency and communication of goals, they will remain frustrated and 'hide' as 'cowards ' behind poster IDs. Once again for clarification & at the risk of being repetitive, I have no issue with what is said & to whom as long as it's not personal or insulting. I said earlier, people are understandably passionate, quite rightly. Issues can be sorted out in numerous ways, I prefer to front people up as you are then able to converse properly as there's always 2 sides to the story, however you obviously see it differently & I respect your stance, whether we agree or not. Your unwillingness to sign your name has confirmed my stance though. Cheers, Paul.
  7. No Confidence in Board

    Apologies, edited last 2 posts, forgot to put my name on, must be catching - Friendly jibe!!! We'll have to agree to disagree, chaps, ladies, boys or girls????????? as said, we live in a democracy, thankfully. Cheers, Paul.
  8. No Confidence in Board

    No I didn't. "If everyone at the club & other posters know who you are what's the problem in putting your real name to it" Cheers, Paul.
  9. No Confidence in Board

    Thanks "Bulldog Days" see my post above. You too have misunderstood my post. Peoples democratic rights are a right given by people who had the courage to stand up & fight for something that was worth fighting for (it's called moral fibre) in any fight there is always people that will keep quiet & not front up yet still want the benefits of said democracy. Not knocking anybody for having an opinion, but why wouldn't you want to put your name to something if you are so passionate about it?? Cheers, Paul.
  10. No Confidence in Board

    Thanks for the reply "The Terminator" You've misunderstood my post, at no time have I said that debate shouldn't happen or mentioned any individuals, my comments related to anyone who feels they can have a go at whoever, be that a fellow fan, referee, coach, groundsman etc, etc. I'm not saying anyone shouldn't vent their spleen, what should happen is they should have the balls to front up by putting their name to it. If everyone at the club & other posters know who you are what's the problem in putting your real name to it. I don't know who you are & have no axe to grind with anyone, however if I did randomly start having a go at people, I'm sure you would be at least curious as to who that person is. To re-iterate it's nothing to do with what's posted or who to, it's all about not hiding behind something. If people try & justify that, so be it. To the people that do put their own names on here fair play to you. Cheers, Paul Halloran.
  11. No Confidence in Board

    "Also, while I'm at it, there's nothing wrong with using pseudonyms on this forum. There are more than a few pro and semi-pro players and other club officials who are members here anonymously posting and chewing the fat with fellow rugby fans without having to reveal themselves, tying their views to their professional profiles and being unfairly criticised just because of who they are. On the other side, there's been more than a few people who have been grossly unfairly persecuted by being a whistleblower or just using robust criticism and using their real name while they do, so you may understand why people choose not to reveal their names. In my time as an administrator of this forum I've seen club officials grossly unfairly treat fans simply because they used their real name to dare to criticise their club" The reason "keyboard warriors" exist is because they hide behind user names. Words such as persecuted are pretty strong stuff. When talking about whistleblowers surely there needs to be some perspective into what the subject matter is, we're not dealing with a goverment cover up or anything of significant magnitude, we're talking about a Rugby League club, I understand people are passionate but there needs to be a semblance of balance. If someone has a go at an individual why would you be suprised when that person responds likewise. I honestly believe that usernames are a total red herring for people that don't have an ounce of moral fibre or a back bone, these people I'm sure will have a go on here & then shake hands in "real life" with the person who they've had a go at. I understand that people have different agendas & in some respects that's healthy, however I fail to understand how issues can be addressed properly when you don't even realise who you're dealing with. The top & bottom of it is that they're cowards. I'm all for open & robust debate, just have the courage to put your name to it. I wont hold my breath...... Paul Halloran.
  12. Rugby AM at Deco today.

    TODAY, TODAY, TODAY, TODAY, TODAY, TODAY, TODAY. Come along & meet Josh Charnley, Zak Hardaker, Matthew Lewis AKA Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter, plus loads more & your favourite Dewsbury player!!! Absolute cracking afternoon for all the family. From 2.30pm onwards. The stars are in town.