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  1. Bulls At Home

    Should be a decent crowd and game too. lets just hope that the club are prepared for this and don't tun out of Beer and HT draw tickets!!!!
  2. Tactics we could use

    LOL. didnt see you at fev chris. Players that are not good enough agree. Who signed squires? On decent money too. Think we could of done better IMO!!!!
  3. Tactics we could use

    This is ned's team and has been for a few weeks now. Today was awful and he is the coach. If you want to keep saying that its morrisons side then keep doing so. Would of loved to know who else applied for the job cos i think there was a better option. IMO!!!!!
  4. Club running risk of losing players?

    Rob worrincy. Yes suspect to the high ball but id take a chance on him if available.
  5. Smith and Jackson

    Yeah a good signing. Good to have options and think Heppy has been awesome too this season
  6. Wings.

    Great to see Greg back but give him a few games to get back to full fitness. Playing him in centre when not 100% fit could set him back a few weeks