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  1. Making no excuses for Fridays ref as I thought he was shocking but a big issue is the fans often don't know the rules or appreciate the roles being performed. For example offside isn't in the touch judges brief and never has been. Refs start out at kids level and receive abuse at every level all the way up. There are no where near enough people taking up the whistle so that means you do end up with the best of a bad bunch. Many others quit because of the politics behind the scenes too.
  3. I'm hoping it's the old cliche of a good side can win well playing badly
  4. Relegation would be a disaster. 6th for me.
  5. This is a good idea. Top guy
  6. Do you know when today Tom? Have to go to Dorset on business and need to sort hotels out, am waiting to see if this is going to be on the Sunday or not before I do.
  7. In case anyone has kids that haven't been to any of the coaching sessions, my 6 year old absolutely loves them, highly recommended.
  8. That was horrible looking. Ligament damage at the very least. I imagine they'll charge him and see what has to say for himself hoping he pleads guilty. Hard to prove intent with that potentially.
  9. Was the most enjoyable bit of the game for me.
  10. Didn't we all
  11. There will have been a fair few not attending due to the clashes with the round ball sport too.
  12. Agree re Wildie Eddie, distinctly underwhelming so far. Early days tho.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if it's made all ticket.
  14. I'll definitely be there