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  1. Barrow v Oldham

    It was cold. They’ll get over it. They’re not footballers! well done to the lads for turning out yesterday. A depleted squad to choose from with a bug and flu virus keeping many out. So massive respect to all the players yesterday. Over 600 enjoyed a great tough game of rugby, they wore hats, scarves & gloves and looked after their own welfare. Friendly or warm up (no pun intended) games are vital to the start of the season to get minutes on the pitch and penny’s in the coffers FOR BOTH SIDES! as for the pitch, it happens every year. It’s grass, it grows! Up north it’s cold and it rains..... a lot.
  2. Oldham friendly poster

    Please distribute. TIA
  3. Doncaster Season Tickets

    I’m framing the first sentence of this 😂
  4. Doncaster Season Tickets

    I’ll be amazed with this strategy if Doncaster survive the season! keep a close eye on their attendances if it’s 1100+ they’ve got a chance if it’s 700 ish, they’re doomed. I hope they don’t fold but this is a huge huge gamble. Theyd have been better having no season tickets and everyone pays £10 at the gate.
  5. dean parata

    This is the case.
  6. Do you know Sport or just Rugby League?

    Is the only exercise you get Jumping to Conclusions? Ha ha.
  7. From The Supporters Trust Right everyone you all like a little gamble do don't forget your tenners at darts on Monday 2018 SPORTING CHALLENGE Entry fee £10 the winner gets 50% and Supporters Trust get 50%. Take a guess at the winners of the following competitions, the winner will be the one who gets most correct answers. In case of a tie break please fill in question 11. Forms available from Louise Scarr or Barrow Rugby Shop on Scott St. Return complete forms with payment to Louise Scarr or Barrow Rugby Shop. Or drop a message with your answers to Louise Scarr and money can be transferred. ALL ENTRIES TO BE IN BY 31/01/18! GOOD LUCK! 1. Rugby League Challenge Cup Winner 2. Super League Grand Final Winner 3. FA Cup Winner 4. British Open Golf Winner 5. Football World Cup Winner 6. Premier League Leader on 09/10/18 7. World Snooker Champion 8. Men’s Wimbledon Winner 9. Women’s Wimbledon Winner 10. PDC Darts Premier League Winner 11. (Tiebreaker) Total number of points scored in Super League Grand Final
  8. Help!

    Work starts on new physio room today if u can spare anytime to help out it’d be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  9. Season tickets

    SEASON TICKETS HAVE NOW ARRIVED IN THE SHOP. Call in to pick up yours till 5pm today (fri) or between 9am -12 noon tomorrow (sat) Each season ticket contains over £280 worth of money saving vouchers to use at Home Games at The JF Hornby stadium in the Championship league next year. Great little stocking filler. All the best!
  10. Help!

    HELP! Do you have any free time Wed, Thurs & Fri (27th-29th) next week? From 9am but anytime you can. We need help to do our new physio room before the start of next season. Duties will include mixing plaster, cleaning up, holding, lifting, fetching etc. Nothing strenuous, and just whatever time you can spare for the club would be greatly appreciated. We have a couple of tradesmen in there it’s just to assist them. Many hands make light work and it’ll be worth it to maybe catch Sharpy with a drill in his hand again! Thanks in advance.
  11. Help in the morning

    Thanks all
  12. Help in the morning

    Is anyone available 8am in the morning for 30 mins? We’re getting the materials delivered for our new physio room and we need to get it under the stand before it spoils in the weather. Many hands make light work. Thanks in advance.
  13. SOLD OUT

    1st TIME EVER!!! Something special is happening at this club. So, orders placed on or before 29/11 will be fulfilled before Xmas, orders placed after this date will be fulfilled when stock is replenished in January. But they’re selling so quick ORDER YOURS TODAY from Rugby Shop 01229824454
  14. Season Ticket

    There’s 14 guaranteed home games next year guys. 11 league. Then it goes to the 8’s competition where we get either 3/4 home games. Depending on where we finish after the league games. Its the same structure as this year for the Championship 14x£15 = £210 the season ticket also includes the £2 stand transfer and book of vouchers worth over £15 per game so if u sit in the stand your saving £58 and getting £210 worth of vouchers hope this helps!
  15. 2018 shirts

    ***SHARE*** 2018 Shirt. Available in The Rugby Shop on Scott st - 01229 824454 or online at Buy your shirts now! Only orders placed before 13th Dec will be fulfilled before Xmas. Kids Shirt is £35 and available to order now too.