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  1. Campeze

    Try of the round

    Jake Spedding and Lewis Charnocks tries have been nominated for try of the round on the Our League App. Voting only open till noon on Thursday. Vote now!
  2. Campeze

    Wigan Weekender

    Very limited tickets available
  3. Campeze

    New Signing
  4. Campeze

    Kids go free

    Another personal pop at me Rooster. Some man. I was trying to show how engaging this post was. It’s gone viral among rugby communities. We’re getting plaudits from fans and clubs alike from all clubs and leagues. It’s another indicator of how far the club has come in such a very short space of time Its a “only positive post”, I thought there were no negatives in it. Yet you managed to find one. Your kind of negativity is not what any club needs.
  5. Campeze

    Kids go free

  6. Campeze

    Brett Carter drunken high jinks

    Disappointed the boxing didn’t get a mention or the thousands we raised for MIND IN FURNESS on the forum today. Anyway take a look at the fights on the raiders fb Page. Truly brilliant night. Walker / Riley is a war!!!!
  7. Campeze

    2019 Away Shirt

    Sorry to bring more facts to the party.... The rfl call them 1st kit and alternate kit in their directives, there’s no such thing as home or away shirts anymore, in their eyes.
  8. Campeze

    Paul Rowley

    Give over. Hes got no details, cos it never happened! I say he, could be a she or course.
  9. Campeze

    Paul Rowley

    Rowley must’ve been paying! 😂😂😂
  10. Campeze

    Rl Backchat

  11. Campeze

    Rl Backchat

  12. Campeze

    Rl Backchat

    Some patter!
  13. Campeze

    Odd Shaped Balls

  14. Campeze

    Rl Backchat

    Fb is full of misinformation, but this forum isn’t???? 😂😂😂😂 Get a grip!