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  1. Barrow v Batley poster

    Please distribute. TIA
  2. Please help distribute by downloading and sending to your contacts.
  3. Swinton poster

    Please help by downloading and sending to your contacts
  4. Posters are in the shop now. Please help is out by calling in, picking a couple up and sticking em up in your area. Massive thanks as always to Bob Jeff and Peter Brunton who are a massive help with this each week. Posters to promote the Sheffield challenge cup game are digital only so please down load and pass to your contacts via fb, what’s app twitter etc
  5. This is what happened Sunday.

    There’s some posters in the shop Terry, Take some steps around your area, with posters and Blue Tack. Moving on!
  6. Dewsbury poster

    Posters are now in the shop. Please call in and take a few. Stick em up at work, pubs, shops, clubs in your area. Thanks in advance #jointheraid
  7. This is what happened Sunday.

    You had your chance on several occasions to come and help us out, from a personal invite from me on many past threads, but instead you choose to criticise through your cloak of invisibility. You have a dig at me, a dig at jane, and then try n back track! truly pathetic Its impossible to not take it personally when people put their heart n soul into It, you rubbish it and then use the “I’m only trying to help” line I did however laugh ironically at the way you welcome me back to the forum, like it’s your forum. Step up or shut up! threads like this are wholly unhelpful!
  8. This is what happened Sunday.

    Just to put you all straight, the initial post is incorrect. We didn’t “sell out” or beer. There was a problem with the pump system, it packed in. So we had plenty beer we just couldn’t give it to customers in the outside bar. But never let the truth get in the way of a good story or a chance to knock! Posts like this are wholly unhelpful.
  9. Cheerleaders!!!

    Just had confirmation our cheerleaders from *Elite Dance and Fitness Studio* will be performing through our 2018 season. Starting of course with our big home opener against Toronto Wolfpack!!!
  10. Barrow v Leigh Poster

    ***SHARE*** 2 teams of Super League quality come to Barrow back to back weeks. Get behind the Raiders in our quest to cement our place in the Championship. Be a part of something special.
  11. Barrow v Toronto Poster

    ***SHARE*** Can the Raiders tame the Wolfpack?!?! We’ll give it all we’ve got. Let’s get behind the Raiders!! Be a part of something special. please call in the Raiders shop from Monday to pick up a couple of posters and put them up in your local shop windows, pubs clubs friends n neighbours windows, work notice boards etc. Many hands make light work. Thanks in advance.
  12. Barrow v Oldham

    Another post framed and on the wall at home! 😉😂
  13. Barrow v Oldham

    It was cold. They’ll get over it. They’re not footballers! well done to the lads for turning out yesterday. A depleted squad to choose from with a bug and flu virus keeping many out. So massive respect to all the players yesterday. Over 600 enjoyed a great tough game of rugby, they wore hats, scarves & gloves and looked after their own welfare. Friendly or warm up (no pun intended) games are vital to the start of the season to get minutes on the pitch and penny’s in the coffers FOR BOTH SIDES! as for the pitch, it happens every year. It’s grass, it grows! Up north it’s cold and it rains..... a lot.
  14. Oldham friendly poster

    Please distribute. TIA
  15. Doncaster Season Tickets

    I’m framing the first sentence of this 😂