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  1. Help wanted

    Once again this post becomes less about help wanted and more about having a dig. The vail of anonymity allows posters the comfort of snide comments without repercussion. FB posts are full of positivity and well being, not a derogatory comment in sight. Forum posts quite the opposite. FB posts are viewed by 10,000’s. Forum posts by dozens. This forum has become redundant.
  2. Help wanted

    There was never ever ever any secrecy. I just copy n pasted the fb status. When do u start?
  3. Help wanted

    My apologies for not having the time to write a full explanation of the role. If anyone is interested please get in touch to find out more.
  4. Paint wanted.

    Have you got any part tins of White paint lying around? We’re looking to do some work down the ground and need all kinds. Masonry, gloss, emulsion. ANY YOU DONT NEED. Please drop them off at Craven Park. Thanks.
  5. Help wanted

    Are u interested? get in touch to find out.
  6. Help wanted

    'Voluntary Stadium Manager' - required for light duties throughout the week and on Match Days - ideal for retired gentleman Contact Scott Street Office if interested - 820273
  7. Moving the Club forward with your help

    another good and productive meeting last night, in term of ideas. But to move forward than just the ideas stage the club needs physical and actual support in running these ideas and projects. Paul Roberts from Chandlers is going to host a Pizza eating competition, PLAYERS v FANS. details to follow. The idea of names on the back of the shirt is both a good one and obv one that's been done before (twice in my tenure) however the time scale is such that it isn't possible to do now for next year. however it will be on the 2019 kit. The idea of the 200/300/400 club is a great one and one that will come to fruition. However it needs someone to run it and get it off the ground. I and the club will help in the promotion of it, but the best way to sell it is for someone to take on the project, use the club resources to network it, and start it off. For a ONCE A YEAR PAYMENT of £20 each person will get a number from 1-200. This will always be their number. this number and their name will be displayed on a large board on the front of the Raiders Bar for all to see. starting on the 1st week of the season there will be a draw and someone each week till the end of the season will win a prize. A family ticket to the next game, signed ball, signed shirt, framed team photo, VIP game day out, meal for two in the boardroom, inclusion into training and video sessions, free drinks at the game, free away trip for 2, etc etc. What this needs to get going is someone to initially help the club sell the 200 and then each week to make the draw and facilitate the winner. So my number is 07710417827 and my email address is if anyone is interested in helping to run and maintain this project then please get in touch. We also need to put in place before the end of the year someone to organise the putting up and distribution of our matchday posters. the club will pay for and deal with the design and print, and we need someone responsible for putting them up round the town. get in touch. More news to follow.
  8. Moving the Club forward with your help

    Reminder. Meeting tonight for those interested in helping the club to move forward with practical help. Please show your support. 6.30pm. Lewthwaite Suite.
  9. We met at 6.30pm today in the Lewthwaite Suite some good ideas brought up, but we’re gonna really struggle to put these ideas to any benefit without more people’s help and support in a physical form. We need people to help. Or this will be a fruitless exercise. So there’s another meeting to move on with this 6.30pm in Lewthwaite Suite on Tuesday 10th Oct. 30-45mins max please don’t think you can’t get involved in this, you absolutely can. See you next Tuesday.
  10. Ideas to boost the attendance at the final

    There’s a hungry horse pub called the owl and the pussycat on the main rd in. Excellent food but get busy. That’s about 200yrd from ground. Pizza Hut, mcd’s and kfc all on retail pk next to the ground.
  11. Ideas to boost the attendance at the final

    ok so lets meet Tuesday evening next week, once the dust has settled on the GF, then we'll know where we are. So we'll say 6.30pm Lewthwaite Suite. A meeting of people who want to help in a practical way to move the club forward.
  12. Ideas to boost the attendance at the final

    ok. I don't agree with every point but lets have a meeting of forum people who want to help. what day/evening time would suit?
  13. Ideas to boost the attendance at the final

    was a pic of you in ya Saints thong again that someones took offense to?
  14. Whitehaven

    I agree in part. it comes down to resources. Mainly monetary but also having someone to implement them. See my other post on the HOW TO GET A BIG CROWD IN....topic Theres so few of us, all who work FT and volunteers who do it for nothing. The easy answer is 'pay someone to do it' but would you rather have a great team or a great team or a great marketing team. its tough. We all try our best. We need more people to help the club out. lots of people pulling together doing little bits.
  15. Ideas to boost the attendance at the final

    John is correct. Because this is a shared gate both clubs would have to agree. However both clubs have agreed that U16's that are affiliated with an amateur club, ie, with their pass card will be given free entry. As for all these other ideas. They're great, and have been already thought of, what we need is people to implement them. next year for instance, someone says "If the club gets 100 posters made, i'll distribute them and stick them up!" or, 'I'll go to training twice a week, record Cresta on my phone, and email it to the Bay, Radio Cumbria, cando etc' or if someone wants to drive round barrow with a megaphone I say do it. But it needs someone to take ownership of each job. its a tough balancing act between marketing things we want to do and those we can afford to do. We put extra focus on the FB posts for the super 8's offering a prize for sharing it, that worked really well for us. Super 8's gates went up. The final poster to date has been seen by 40,000 ppl in 2 days by offering a VIP prize.