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  1. Took me bloody ages to write my bits. 😡 Anyway. We're on the up. We'll defo turn haven at their gaff and finish a strong 2nd. Then bring on the quality and bring on the massive crowds. #coyr
  2. 2 things: When David Sharpe spoke to Nigel Wood about this last season in my company we were told "You need to improve your off field business and not rely on the crowds" Meaning the crowds aren't important, it's just about getting sponsorship in. In Nov last year the fixtures were announced and we looked at the croc of fixtures we received. Mike spent hours on the phone complaining to Gavin wild and Ralph rimmer but nothing changed. Not a single thing! feel free to comment below!
  3. Ok. So what's poor about it?
  4. I'm unsure what this post is saying? also, to take one sentence out of an article could be somewhat misleading. Ive had a look back through the last few programmes and couldn't see it.
  5. Your prediction means that you don't think barrow will beat Whitehaven next Sunday. I think we will and we'll finish 2nd.
  6. Keith Wearing has produced a DVD of the final. It's £10 and available in the club on pre-order only. Call Rugby shop 824454 to buy your copy.
  7. There's some posters in the shop for the Hunslet game on Saturday if anyone could call in pick a few up and put them up in your area. Thanks in advance.
  8. 1 person called in and got some posters. 146 views 1 person called in. We need help in doing these tiny jobs. Don't think "it's ok, someone else will do it!" Because it seems everybody thinks that and little stuff that helps the club massively doesn't get done. Another oppotunity missed.
  9. We won't know until mid July. Depending on where ya finish depends on who plays who and when. It's a computer generated thing. And if it's the same as last years some lucky part time team is gonna have a weeks notice to organise a team to Toronto!!!! Let's hope it's not us The people who thought it was a great idea to have Toronto in an English Part time league are still standing by that are they??
  10. That mid air tackle on Shane Toal. The player got 4 matches. Mike Emmett, found not guilty of standing on an opponent. I was there and saw it with my own four eyes! wow! Just wow!
  11. Well, none of that happened! itll cost the club £0000's. This has always been a nitemare! And an expensive nitemare to say the least.
  12. When did this craic turn into a game of Univercity Challenge?
  13. We have just ordered a 10th Coach this morning to Leeds Once this is full We will not be taking any more bookings for Coach Seats Tickets for the game will be returned to Leeds this Friday afternoon Contact 824454 to book your seats
  14. The rfl has kindly printed us some A2 posters for the summer bash to promote the game. The club keeps the revenue from the tickets we sell in our club shop. So the more we sell the more we make. Ive put rolls of 5 posters in the club shop, if everyone could pop in pick up a roll of posters and put them up in pubs, clubs, shops, community halls, at work, or just in ya home window we can sell more tickets from there. Please help!!! posters will be in the shop from noon today. Thanks.
  15. Really disappointed. Not one person came to give flyers out. I guess everyone assumed that someone else would do it. So that job never got done. Opportunity missed. 152 views.