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  1. With the Magic Weekend fixtures being announced today, I was wondering if anyone knows when the full fixture list will be announced? I'm after the Championship and League One fixture release date if possible.... Ta
  2. 2016 Shirts

    North Wales Crusaders shirt
  3. 2016 Shirts

    I know it's the least of their worries but is the sun even in the middle of that Leigh shirt? It's sending my OCD mad!!
  4. Orange & yellow ?

    Orange is the physio who is allowed on the field of play at any time. Yellow is the trainer who is allowed on the pitch to take a player off for an interchange. Blue is a water carrier who is only allowed on the pitch when the referee stops play for an injury or for a try. Red is the doctor, so similar to the physio although used less.
  5. It was left over stock from 2013 so that's hardly running out quick.
  6. He ruined Crusaders! He took them from a play off team under Noble to bottom of Super League in 1 year. With Wales he didn't exactly work wonders either.
  7. Big Game tonight

    who was biting?
  8. I was told at the weekend. Crusaders have been trying for a while to get this arranged but I don't think it's at the top of York's agenda.
  9. Just watched the incident back that led to Alex Thompson being stretchered off the pitch for Crusaders. Suffolk could have played his last game for Rochdale for a while.
  10. After rumours a while back that he was signing for Widnes didn't come true it appears he is signing for Newcastle.
  11. Danny Jones

    It's fantastic the money that's been raised. Not wanting to be negative but I really hope those other collections are kept off just giving. They’re already making £6,885 out of this!
  12. RL on S4C now.

    Great idea although it may have an effect on Cru & Scorps attendances? Nobody else is interested in League 1 games so why not let s4c have them, although I'm sure they said previously it wasn't financially viable for them.
  13. Unfortunately it was the North Wales big football derby on Sunday (Liverpool v United!!!) I think we'll have a better following when the league proper starts again. Just hoping for a home tie. I've noticed we'll now have to play York away midweek as we won't have any free weekends (if we reach the final of the summer bash). Surely a free weekend would have been an idea for Champ 1 clubs as travelling after a day on the tools isn't ideal if games need to be rearranged for the players.
  14. Whitehaven short of players BBC confirming Deakin has left.
  15. Leigh Fans Welcome FuiFui

    Hopefully he'll get a run out next week too v Crusaders so I get the chance to see him play this year.