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  1. Agreed, although I'm looking forward to next season quite a lot more
  2. probably the same as the last 100 pages on this thread nothing. And they are free by the way if you wish to know
  3. featherstones season tickets range from £159 to £219, could you clarify how much it is for under 12's at Bradford?
  4. apologies for my assumption, I do think that fevs crowds will rise again this season although I think next year will be a better year when promotion is in force.Don't expect wakefields to be increasing especially when they are capped at around 5000 due to safety regulations
  5. parksider saying fev should be judged on crowds in the coming weeks when the last I knew we were still in the championship and you can't really compare our crowds to super league
  6. why are fev starting the season in super league
  7. only time will tell but for me things are definitely looking a bit more optimistic for the future
  8. did that stop rovers winning trophies
  9. and in that period featherstone reached 3 challenge cup finals winning 2 and won the league with a few top 4 finishes, yet with low crowds they best erase them from the record books according to parksider
  10. using a non super league club to weigh facts in your favour against other super league clubs is a bit wrong don't you think?
  11. maybe go back to the old system and have Bradford going to the wall on a regular basis
  12. wakefield won't be getting any big crowds anytime soon ground capacity has been reduced to 5300 due to safety
  13. Can things get any better for rugby league at the moment