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  1. Oh dear.{again}

    So the players got us 26-6 up but it was Eaton who shipped in the 28 unanswered points?
  2. Not sure on others but i always go that way anyway, quickest route in by far.
  3. Hunslet 6, Bradford too many

    What score would people expect if we were playing a super league side? The difference in what Bradford got this year and what super league teams got is next to nothing. Not to mention half of bull's & Leigh's team are better than the bottom end of super league.
  4. Team for Bradford game

    Massive result for you lot
  5. What is the funding from the RFL next season?

    This is the rfl's version of a level playing field
  6. fev yesterday

    The penalty was for being with 10 meters, no idea if the chasing where within the 10 but all were offside since the kick was a long way behind the attacking line. Still trying to work out the tap 20 try, is hewer too soft to admit when he's made a mistake & just allow play to continue rather than man up and tell fev to go tap the ball properly
  7. Lee Smith

    why didn't you sign some better players in the off season then?
  8. Lee Smith

    so you lot have spoken to him then?
  9. Lee Smith

    he's also played hooker.But can't see you getting anywhere near his wage demands
  10. Lee Mapals

    Yes he was 'released'
  11. The Other Night II

    How did not taking the 2 cost the game? The difference between being 2 up & 4 up is next to nothing when they have a kicker who strikes well in the 70%, if not even 80% range, and for all anyone knows we could have dropped the ball from the kick off and they score straight away anyway. It's all ifs & butts! The real reason we lost is because of one missed tackle/poor read in defence, which the top teams punish you for.
  12. Oh dear.

    maybe he just wants a free meal haha
  13. Oh dear.

    that didnt work to well at Whitehaven
  14. released

    join and stand for election, really isn't that hard
  15. No Hunslet on Sky

    Does that ex player have any involvement in the club other than watching as a fan?