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  1. 2016 shirts

    If anyone is buying a shirt....it would be a good idea to go and try them on first,as the sizes are different from last year. Liam testamonial shirts are different again....what is large in our home shirts would be an xxl in the testimonial shirt which is very tight fitting. And if anyone is doubtfully about the design of the home shirt as I know a few are with sponsor logo clashing with the blue.......my Mrs says they look far better when they are on than hanging up. Unfortunately the home and away shirts aren't here yet only samples to try on, but expecting them this coming weekend but there are testimonial shirts if wanted
  2. Lee Haney signs back on

    I agree , great player with a 110% commitment to any game he plays in.......Lets just hope he can keep his cool a bit better this time.

    Today i heard a completely different story to what i had heard previously that had come from very close to Ollie, it now seems that its 99% barrow are gaining his services and this coming from a local in the know sports representative , but again untill it happens i dont think anyone really knows and if they do i cant see them letting it out. It would be a brilliant signing to have him at Barrow as i rate him very highly , and as mentioned earlier he can bring so much to Barrow and his presence would be a huge lift for the club.

    Cant see it happening to be honest , I think hes going to work for his brother at pps in ulverston and retire from the game altogether
  5. Were Gloucester good or were we bad ?

    The Fact that the figures speak for themselves I also stand corrected and can only comment on what I see and feel while I`m at the game , I'm no way trying to give the lad a hard time, but without the figures shown I`m not the only one to be thinking what I was.
  6. Were Gloucester good or were we bad ?

    I can only really echo what has already been said, but we have no leadership on the field, Liam Harrison is supposed to be captain his job is to see whats going on on the pitch and adjust the gameplan to suit and to lead the others ......hes the quietest man on the pitch!!! we need a leader on the pitch not just in the dressing room at half time coming from Cresta. With regards to young Josh`s kicking and the lack of another kicker , is there any chance hat it could be in the terms of him being at barrow from Leigh that he has to kick ? I actually thought he had improved massively of late but i`ve still never been convinced he`s powerful or consistant enough for the job
  7. Barrow raiders more like fridge raiders

    Lees passion for playing and winning is just to much I think he gets to carried away ...he rarely sees much of the ball and when he does he tries to hard to prove he should have the ball. but as said he's first on the scene at any trouble...his agression needs controlling I agree but you can't knock his passion. if anyone else needs a kick up the backside it's moss op ....slow and predicable allows the opposition to be on us to quick. We were unlucky today in the end but we certainly didn't loose to a bad side
  8. Raiders v Halifax

    We were blown away within 20 mins of the start today, Halifax were just to powerfull,skillfull and experienced for the majority of our side....their no 6 ripped us apart every time he had the ball in the 1st half. we certainly weren't at fault.....unlike the tosser on the popular side who decided to shout that he could do better which several players heard and shouldn't have to hear when in the situation they were in !!! second half we gave our all and it showed , the ref didn't help with a few dodgy decisions on forward passes which all 4 resulted in tries. the simple truth is they are worlds apart from our squad and they showed us that...but we showed we're capable of having a dam good go back and just how much we have in a amateur squad.
  9. Oldham 3 Ron Banks 0

    Att 844 from what i remember, I think everyone is in shock as to how we seemed to get turned over so easily, It also seems we may have picked up a couple of important player injury's today also, in Joe Bullock with his shoulder, Andy Dawson shoulder/elbow and Liam Campbell taking a heavy knock and being KO`d at the end of the game and having to be stretchered off
  10. Bad day at the office

    Im no way slagging Josh off either I think he`s a good solid player and this is obvious coming from Leigh , it just concerns me he may not be the kicker we need at craven park. As I said in my original post his lack of power in his kicks (I`m sure you`ll admit ,he barely crosses the white line most times ! ) doesnt make him look convincing at times, you can say what you like about the winds but there`s plenty who come and convert kicks from out wide in the winds we get. As mentioned in another post regarding Dolan, he`s been fantastic for us, unfortunately last week under dreadful conditions he just had " a bad day at the office " and its unfair to be slated on a one game performance, and i hope you can see I`m not slating Josh ward I`m purely expressing my own observations
  11. Bad day at the office

    It seems we can all have a bad day at the office now and again , but poor Josh ward yesterday bloody hell !! I cant say hes the most convincing of kickers in any of our games and seems he has no power in his leg to even reach the post most days. luckily yesterday we managed without the goal points but our score would have been far more convincing to our overall gameplay had he converted. what worries me, if we come in to some tight games his kicks are really going to matter !! and it could cost us games !! Hankinson stepped up well although his kicks were easier, but why is Josh our kicker when his results are quite consistently poor ??? He seems to have a very safe pair of hands on receiving the ball from a the kick off and quite gladly takes the roll in doing so.
  12. Ref for Sunday

    I have to agree with Pete there, he made the odd wrong judgement but then corrected it in otherways. Maybe the fact the crowd left him alone helped !!
  13. http://www.superleaguefans.com/rugby-league/2013/01/25/rfl-confirm-rule-changes-for-2013.html